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Cruises of Ireland and Scotland

Cruises of Ireland and Scotland

We can't think of a more fitting discussion as St. Patrick's day is upon us than one about cruising along the Irish and Scottish coastlines. Cruises of Ireland and Scotland's coasts offer a gorgeous journey along the breathtaking coastlines of Ireland and Scotland, as you explore the rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures of these two remarkable countries. Cruises of Ireland and Scotland offer travelers an extraordinary opportunity to witness the serene beauty of the Atlantic Ocean Read more [...]

Slowly but Surely, the Cruise Industry Restart Continues

The cruise industry restart has been a bumpy process for years now. Things are finally starting to become more normal, however. As spring 2022 blooms into the most popular cruise season of the year, most cruise lines are doubling down on their efforts to restore their fleets to full activity. Right now may just be the highest level of business we have seen in the industry since the beginning of the pandemic. Needless to say, it's an exciting time! Read more [...]

The Cruise Lines with the Best Water Parks

Water parks are some of the most fun things about cruises. From huge pools to towering slides, anyone in the family can enjoy a solid water park. As cruise ships get bigger and bigger, water parks are getting bigger and better as well. They offer the chance to relax or enjoy a lot of excitement depending on your mood, and they are a great way to pass time while waiting to get to the next destination. But knowing how great they can be brings up an important question: which cruise line should you choose to experience the best water parks in the industry? Read more [...]

Cruise Demand is Going Up Once Again

The demand for cruises has been a bit shaky over the past few years. While it has generally remained high despite the pandemic, it has had low periods recently. Thankfully, a myriad of factors are combining to bring demand for cruises up once again. Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival have been reporting high booking numbers, signalling a bright future for the cruise industry. Read more [...]

Bigger Isn’t Always Better for Cruise Ships

Bigger is better, right? That seems to be the current ethos of the cruise industry. Cruise lines are always competing to see who can have the largest ship possible. The most popular vessels of today are absolutely massive. The current record holder, Royal Caribbean's recently-completed Wonder of the Seas, clocks in at 236,857 tons. It has a maximum capacity of nearly 7000 passengers, and it boasts 18 total decks. The ship is almost 1200 feet long. Read more [...]

SpaceX Satellite Launch Delayed Due to Cruise Ship

The launch of a SpaceX satellite has just been delayed because of a cruise ship. That's something that you don't hear everyday! This marks the fourth time that the rocket failed to fire, causing frustration among those involved in the project. Read more [...]
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