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A Look at Some of the Craziest Cruise Destinations

There is a whole world of cruises that go off the beaten path to visit exotic locations. If you're someone who's interested in travelling places your friends have never been, check out our quick look at some of the craziest places cruise ships can visit! Read more [...]
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 Bucket List Cruises- Antarctica

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime cruise that is far from the normal tropical fare, then Antarctica is the place for you to explore. Read more [...]

Silversea Cruises’ Silver Galapagos

Silver Galapagos is a ship that brings passengers to one of the most isolated places on earth. Those sailing on this small, intimate vessel get to experience the Galapagos Islands unlike many do, on an expedition that includes face-to-face encounters with wildlife and thrilling sights of landscapes that are almost unimaginable. Read more [...]

About Silversea Cruises’ Silver Discoverer

The sleek Silversea Discoverer is a ship that takes cruisers to remote archipelagos in the wondrous and vast Pacific. She allows travelers to adventure through some of the most gorgeous islands on the planet, on intimate 120-guest cruises that are ideal for viewing such beauty. Read more [...]

Silversea Silver Explorer

Silversea's Silver Seas Explorer is an elegant ship that offers many spacious areas for relaxing and mingling. It’s a cruise liner known for its luxury and sophistication throughout, so when you’re sailing on her you’ll find gorgeous amenities from the dining rooms to the staterooms.s Read more [...]
Silversea Discoverer

Silversea Discoverer

Exploring cruises to the remote Alaskan and Canadian archipelagos? Consider cruising to these amazing locales on Silversea Discoverer. Silversea Discoverer is an intimate 120-guest cruise ship that transports travelers over the wondrous and vast Pacific to some of the planet’s most gorgeous islands. She’s an ideal ship for viewing beautiful, untamed landscapes and for wildlife sightings like breaching whales and pods of dolphins. Think you’d like to journey on gorgeous waters, and to isolated shores, with Silversea Discoverer? Read more about Discoverer to see if her expeditions are calling to you. Read more [...]