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Viking Cruises Expands to the Great Lakes, Announces New Ships Octantis and Polaris

Viking Cruises is making big moves into a lesser-known market: the Great Lakes. Read more [...]

New Dress Code for Carnival Cruises Bans Offensive Speech on Clothing

Carnival Cruises, one of the most popular family cruise lines out there, has created a new dress code for those that are on their ships. Read more [...]

“Marriage Story” Actress Sues Princess Over Bedbugs

An actress getting bedbugs on a cruise - that's a headline you don't see every day. Princess Cruises is facing a hefty lawsuit over an incident back in Thanksgiving when Connie Flores and her husband were exposed to bedbugs on the Emerald Princess. Read more [...]

A Look at the Coolest New Cruise Ships Coming in 2020

Maybe the most exciting thing happening, out of all new developments, is all the new cruise ships coming this year. Read more [...]

The First Ever Seven-Continent World Cruise is Going On Right Now!

While there are lots of jaw-dropping cruise itineraries out there, the first ever seven-continent world cruise courtesy of Silversea may be the most impressive. Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Quark’s New Polar Vessel, Ultramarine

Quark Expeditions, a cruise line known for exciting adventure cruises into polar regions, has announced their brand new ship, Ultramarine. Read more [...]