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All the Details on MSC’s New Ship, Seashore

MSC announced a slew of details about their newest ship, Seashore, on February 18th. Read more [...]

Cruise News Round-up: Vaccines for Crystal Guests, Cancellations, and More

Let's take a look at a few smaller cruise news stories from this month. Read more [...]

These Cruise Lines Are Planning to Have Vaccine Restrictions

There are a few cruise lines out there that are currently planning on having vaccine-related restrictions when they get back into service. Read more [...]

Why Small Cruise Lines Might be the Future of the Industry

Are small cruise lines going to be the future of the cruise industry? Read more [...]

No Cruises in Canada in 2021 and More Cruise Delays

And just like that, a new slew of cruise delays have been announced for this year. Read more [...]

New CDC Order: Masks to Be Worn on All Cruise Ships

The United States CDC (Center for Disease Control) has announced that it will be requiring all passengers on cruise ships to wear masks for the foreseeable future. Read more [...]