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Canceled Cruises from Crystal, Norwegian, Royal

Major cruise lines are continuing the trend of cancelled cruises. As the Omicron variant spreads, the industry is definitely hurting. Read more [...]

Hong Kong Enacts New Cruise Ban

Hong Kong has just announced a new ban on cruises. This comes after a slew of cruise lines cancelled many of their own itineraries last week. Read more [...]

Cruise Cancellations Follow Coronavirus Outbreaks Onboard

It seems history is repeating itself. Cruise lines are beginning to cancel future cruises in light of coronavirus outbreaks. Read more [...]

Will COVID Booster Shots Be Required for Cruises?

COVID vaccinations have been a hot topic in the cruise world since they were first released to the public. Will booster shots be required? Read more [...]

What are the Most Popular U.S. Ports in the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is when everyone wants to hop on a cruise. That means that most of the ports throughout the U.S. are very busy. Read more [...]

After a Long Hiatus, the Cruise Industry is Returning to Antarctica

The COVID pandemic made the entire cruise industry go on pause. Once cruises began to return, certain destinations still lagged behind. Read more [...]