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The Pros and Cons of Staying on Your Ship While at Ports

Should you stay in the cruise ship when you arrive at a port? That's the question that you need to ask yourself whenever your ship docks. Read more [...]

MSC Magnifica to Homeport in Saudi Arabia For Winter 2021

MSC Cruises has just struck an exciting new deal with Cruise Saudi to homeport one of their ships in Saudi Arabia for the winter 2021 season. This is likely going to play a major role in the developing cruise industry in Saudi Arabia. Whether it develops into a long-term partnership or not remains to be seen. Regardless, MSC investing in new markets like this is undoubtedly exciting. Here are all the details on the agreement! The deal Announced on April 21st, a deal was made between the executive Read more [...]

Cruise Lines Seeing Massive Demand as Travel Restrictions Loosen

Travel restrictions are loosening right now, and cruise demand seems to be getting higher than it has ever been during the pandemic. Read more [...]

Three Underrated Cruise Locations

There are some cruise destinations out there that, despite being overlooked and underrated, should be on every traveler's bucket list. Read more [...]

The Phases of Making a New Cruise Ship

Making a brand new cruise ship isn't something that happens overnight. Read more [...]

Two Port Cities that May Not Be Allowing Cruise Ships Anytime Soon

Two different ports have detailed potential plans to deal with the coronavirus situation. Read more [...]