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Carnival Cruises Exploring the Panama Canal

Carnival Cruise Line offers a number of cruises that regularly pass through the 51 mile long Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Read more [...]

Tragedy Strikes Princess Cruise Lines Resort Princess Cays

Princess Cruise Lines have confirmed that a fire destroyed several buildings on the south side of Princess Cays, the island which is home to their resort. Read more [...]
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Getting The Most Out Of Cruise Shore Excursions

Less seasoned cruise travelers often forget to explore are the different ports of call when researching cruise options. Read more [...]
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Two Bucket List Cruises in One

The Norwegian Jewel, which was just refurbished in 2017 is offering cruise enthusiasts the opportunity to experience two amazing destinations in a single unforgettable trip. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to enjoy both Hawaii and French Polynesia on a single 13-day cruise. Read more [...]
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The Best West Coast Departure Cruise Options

The west coast offers many departures for cruises from as short as just one night to longer vacations that span more than 15 nights. And with the time that you save getting to the east coast, you might even be able to book a longer cruise. Read more [...]
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How to Prevent Jet Lag so It Doesn’t Ruin Your Cruise

As you are packing for your cruise, there might be a few items that you are overlooking if your trip requires a long flight to your departure port. When flying across multiple time zones to meet your ship, jet lag is a very real possibility. But there are a few tips and tricks which can help to minimize the impact that this necessary evil has on your vacation plans. Understanding Jet Lag Jet lag is actually a short-term sleep disorder which occurs when you fly across several time zones. This Read more [...]