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Here are the Major Cruise Lines in Service as of October 2020

There are some cruise lines that have managed to restart services. Here's a look at the current list. Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: TUI Cruises

If you've never taken a cruise with TUI and are curious to see what the hype is all about, let us break it down for you. Read more [...]

The New Health Guidelines Suggested for European Cruises

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has released a set of health guidelines that will hopefully be accepted as standard from here on out. Read more [...]

Three Amazing European Cruise Trip Itineraries in 2021

Here are three European itineraries in 2021 that suit the cultural explorer in all of us. Read more [...]

Touristik Union International (TUI) Group Undergoes Changes, Hoping to Start Up Services Sooner and Safer

Companies are undergoing changes to help ensure that they are much better prepared to deal with the coronavirus. Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: Marella Cruises

The British-based Marella Cruises is one company that isn't on the radar for everyone. Read more [...]