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Sailing Safely in 2023: Assessing Cruise Risks, from COVID to Piracy

Sailing Safely in 2023: Assessing Cruise Risks from Covid to Piracy

As the world slowly regains its footing after the pandemic, many of us are eager to set sail on our next adventure. Cruising has always been a popular choice for vacationers, offering relaxation, entertainment, and a chance to explore multiple destinations in one trip. But as we venture forth in 2023, you might be wondering: how safe is it to take a cruise this year, considering risks such as Covid and piracy? Let's dive into this topic together! Read more [...]
The Best Cruises for Kids

The Best Cruises for Kids in 2023

Here is our unbiased round-up of the best cruises for kids in 2023. Cruising with kids can be a fun and exciting way to introduce your children to new places while keeping them entertained. There are so many options for cruising with kids that it can actually be daunting to find the right child-friendly cruises for your family, so here are some of the best cruises for kids in 2023. Read more [...]
cruises with casinos

For Added Fun: Cruises with Casinos

Cruises with casinos have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering travelers the chance to enjoy their favorite games while sailing to some of the world's most beautiful destinations. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or just looking to try your luck, a cruise with a casino can be an exciting and unique way to experience the high seas. Read more [...]
celebrity cruises for extra fun mingle with celebrities

Try Cruises that Feature Celebrities for Extra Glitter!

Celebrity cruises, meaning cruises that feature celebrities with whom you can mingle (not the Celebrity Cruise line, although they certainly offer that) can be a really fun way to elevate your cruise experience. Cruises that feature celebrities are a fun way for people to mix leisure with a touch of stardom. These types of cruises offer a unique experience for fans who want to interact with their favorite stars and get a glimpse of the celebrity lifestyle. From music icons to reality TV stars, these cruises attract a wide range of fans from all over the world. Here are a few fan favorites. Read more [...]
cruises with kids

How To: Cruises with Kids

Taking cruises with kids can be a fantastic way to have fun and bond with your kids, as well as create wonderful memories. There's something for everyone on a cruise, from exciting activities and entertainment to delicious food and breathtaking views. If you're considering a cruise with your children, here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of your time at sea. Read more [...]
when will cruises stop requiring vaccines

When Will Cruises Stop Requiring Vaccines: Here’s What We Know

Wondering when will cruises stop requiring vaccinations and that you be vaccinated with the latest Covid vaccines? Cruises have been hit hard by the Covid pandemic, and one of the biggest changes that have come with it is the requirement for Covid vaccines. With the rollout of these vaccines and the world slowly getting back to normal, many people are wondering when cruises will stop requiring vaccines. Read more [...]
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