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Cruises to the Arctic, the Galapagos, and Private Beaches Growing in Popularity

There are a few historically less popular destinations that are poised to become major hot spots. Read more [...]

CDC Releases Color-Coded Cruise Guidelines

The latest development from the CDC is a new chart that helps outline the safety level of different ships that are still on the water, looking to get their crew members back home. Read more [...]

Don’t Expect a Hawaii Cruise Anytime Soon

According to the report, Hawaii won't be accepting any cruises until the second half of 2021. Read more [...]

Fred. Olsen Reports Positively on Their Virtual Cruise Hub

According to Fred. Olsen, their virtual cruise hub has resulted in a number of different successes. Read more [...]

Halton Develops Mobile Isolation Units to Mitigate Coronavirus Spread on Cruise Ships

Halton, a company that has long been manufacturing what is known as indoor environment solutions, has developed mobile isolation units that can be used to bolster the onboard health care on ships. Read more [...]

Will the Cruise Industry Bounce Back? UNWTO Offers Insight

The United Nations' World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has offered their take on the future of tourism at large. Read more [...]