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Survey Reveals How a Vaccine Might be the Key to the Cruise Industry’s Return

A survey from Mundy Cruising has confirmed that a vaccine is the key to making people feel comfortable to sail again. Read more [...]

How to Stay Excited about Cruising While You Wait for Cruises to Become Safe Again

There's still plenty to do that can keep you busy while you dream of that fresh ocean air. Read more [...]

CDC Announces New Conditional Sailing Order

The CDC shocked everyone by announcing a new Conditional Sailing Order. This order will be replacing the previous No Sail Order. Read more [...]

What is the Best Time of Year or Season to Take a Cruise?

Planning what time of the year to cruise can be an overwhelming task for newcomers to this mode of travel. Read more [...]

The Phases of Making a New Cruise Ship

Making a brand new cruise ship isn't something that happens overnight. Read more [...]

Why Cruising to Australia Won’t be Happening Anytime Soon

Sadly, more and more cruise lines are beginning to cancel or delay their upcoming Australian itineraries. Read more [...]