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How to Keep Yourself Safe from Covid While on a Cruise

7 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Covid While on a Cruise

Cruising can be a fun and exciting way to travel, but with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it's important to take extra precautions to keep yourself and others safe. Here are some tips for staying safe while on a cruise. Read more [...]

Why You Should Take a Great Lakes Cruise

Great Lakes cruises are an underrated part of the industry. This is partially due to the fact that few people know about these cruises! While ocean and river cruises seem to get all the love, there are many incredible itineraries that take place on the Great Lakes. This sector of the cruise industry is growing, with many cruise lines now starting to offer trips on the lakes. While they might sound like an underwhelming cruise destination compared to the ocean, you'd be surprised at just how big the Great Lakes are. It's easy to forget you're not out at sea while sailing on them! To get you excited about the idea of a Great Lakes cruise, let's go over a few of the reasons why they're so amazing. Read more [...]
How to Find the Best Cruise Deals: Our Top 5 Tips

What Does True Cruise Sustainability Look Like?

Cruise sustainability is a topic that is becoming more and more important in the industry. Many cruise lines are beginning to focus on eco-friendly initiatives. This trend has been in the works for quite some time now, with a 2020 survey predicting as such. One of the major initiatives has been implementing liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel source. AIDA led the way in this regard, but other cruise lines are starting to follow in their footsteps. Read more [...]

Are Cruise Shore Excursions Worth It?

Shore excursions are a subject of debate among cruise travelers. Are they worth it? Can you have similar experiences without paying extra money? These are the questions that many find themselves asking before paying for shore excursions. On the surface, it may seem like one extra cost that you don't want to worry about. However, there are some good reasons as to why you might want to invest in them. Read more [...]

Why Cruise Vacations Make Excellent Gifts

Choosing the perfect present for a loved one is hard. But cruises actually make excellent gifts. There's nothing more rewarding than giving someone an experience rather than an object, and it's even more fun when you can join them! Cruises let you and someone close to you explore the world together and make lasting memories. But there are even more reasons why cruise vacations should be high on your gift ideas list. Read more [...]
How to Find the Best Cruise Deals: Our Top 5 Tips

A Quick Guide to Cruise Ship Spas

Spas are one of the many unique amenities that many large cruise ships offer. What can you expect when visiting them? In general, you can look forward to a high quality spa experience that is very similar to what you might find on land. With that said, though, there are a few reasons why you should make visiting your ship's spa a priority even if you aren't usually a regular at your local spa. Here's a quick guide to help you learn what cruise ship spas are all about and what makes them special. Read more [...]
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