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Are Cruise Ships the Perfect Environments for Coronavirus?

The main story line of the cruise industry lately has been centered around one thing: coronavirus. Read more [...]

Two New Assurance Policies for Those Worried About Coronavirus on Cruises

In order to hopefully save some of the business that they may have lost, they have started to implement more lenient policies about cancellations and reschedulings. Read more [...]

The Coolest Water Slides on Cruise Ships!

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Some of the Weirdest Themed Cruises Ever

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Why You Should Book a Themed Cruise

In our eyes, it isn't about whether or not you should go on a cruise, it's which cruise you should go on. Read more [...]

A Different Side of the Coronavirus Story

For some cruise lines, the novel coronavirus outbreak hasn't been much of a big deal. This is the case for Lindblad Expeditions. Read more [...]