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Cruise Shore Excursions

One of the most exciting aspects of taking a cruise is the dozens of cruise shore excursions you will have to choose from. Depending on your destination, your cruise vacation may include cruise shore excursions such as shopping, historic tours, and adventure trips. In some cases, your cruise will highlight cruise shore excursions, which means you will spend much less time at sea and more time exploring exciting ports of call. Read more [...]

Asia Cruises

With more than 50 ports of call and dozens of itineraries to choose from, you will have a tough time deciding what to do and where to go first. During an Asia cruise passengers may visit exotic places such as Shanghai, Osaka and Bali, and on smaller ships, passengers will have the opportunity to explore the Yangtze River. Read more [...]

Small Cruise Ships

Taking a cruise vacation on a mega-liner certainly has its advantages. The bigger the ship, the more restaurants, casinos, shopping, dance clubs, and spas you’ll have to choose from. But when it comes to adventure, relaxation, pampering, and access to some of the most remote places on earth — small cruise ships are number one. Read more [...]

Top Ten Cruise Lines

Depending on the source, the top ten cruise lines list may vary greatly. There are so many categories to consider that it’s tough for top reviewers, websites, and travel guides to offer a simple top ten cruise lines list that will appeal to all. What cruise review/discount websites such as do offer is top ten cruise lines lists in a number of different categories ranging from top ten cruise lines for staterooms or dining to top ten cruise lines for service or entertainment. Read more [...]

Cruise Boat

Not to be confused with big ship cruises aboard massive liners such as the 160,000-ton Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas or Cunard Line's grand Queen Mary 2, a cruise boat is considered to be something much, (much) smaller, and much more intimate that a large cruise ship. Cruise boats come in all shapes and sizes and believe it or not, aside from the usual suspects such as rowboats, canoes, yachts and kayaks, there are literally dozens of different types of cruise boats on the market today. Read more [...]

Russia River Cruises

One of the best ways to explore everything from exotic islands to historic places of interest is on a river cruise. A river cruise is a form of travel that typically takes place aboard a small vessel that navigates the inland waterways of the world. Unlike large cruise ships, river cruise ships allow the passenger to get up close and personal with the countryside, culture, and animal and marine life. Read more [...]