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Coronavirus Causes More Cruise Troubles

Here is the latest news about coronavirus that you should be clued in on. Read more [...]

The Curious, Coronavirus Case of the Westerdam

There is currently quite the story brewing up aboard Holland America Line's very own MS Westerdam. Read more [...]

Hurtigruten Ship Nearly Collides with Dock!

In a very shocking video taken by a bystander, a Hurtigruten ship is seen fighting against strong winds and nearly colliding with a pier. Read more [...]

How coronavirus is affecting the cruise industry

The cruise industry, much like many other modes of travel, is currently trying to work out how to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus. Read more [...]

Cruises BANNED in Taiwan!

Some less than cheery news has floated in from Taiwan: the Asian state is, effective February 6, banning all cruise ships. Read more [...]

“Marriage Story” Actress Sues Princess Over Bedbugs

An actress getting bedbugs on a cruise - that's a headline you don't see every day. Princess Cruises is facing a hefty lawsuit over an incident back in Thanksgiving when Connie Flores and her husband were exposed to bedbugs on the Emerald Princess. Read more [...]