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Ovation of the Seas Royal Caribbean

Can You Be Banned From A Cruise Line For Life?

If you are looking to be the star of your friend’sYouTube video and you jump from your balcony into the water, you are going to very quickly get banned. Read more [...]

What those Codes and Code Words on Cruise Ships Mean

The most talked about code currently is the Code Red which denotes an outbreak of a virus or other illness on the ship Read more [...]
Yangtze River Shipwreck

Shipwreck on the Yangtze River Likely the Worst in Chinese History

The shipwreck on the Yangtze River is as bad as initially feared. At this point, four days after the Eastern Star sank on a stretch of the river that winds through the Hubei province after encountering severe weather, it is all but impossible that more survivors will be found. Of the 456 passengers who were on board the Eastern Star, which has also been translated as the "Oriental Star," only 14 survived, the same number we reported the day after the shipwreck occurred. Read more [...]
Yangtze River Shipwreck

Hundreds Missing after Shipwreck on Yangtze River in China

A cruise ship sailing down the Yangtze River from Nanjing to Chongqing capsized Monday night after encountering a violent storm consisting of heavy rain, high winds, and potentially a tornado. The Eastern Star or Oriental Star, depending on how the ship's name is translated, was carrying 456 passengers, and now, approximately 43 hours after the vessel first flipped, there are only 14 known survivors. Seven passengers have been confirmed dead, leaving 437 people unaccounted for, most of whom are senior citizens. Read more [...]
Bangladesh Ferry Disaster

Bangladesh Ferry Disaster Kills at Least 70 People

A river ferry carrying anywhere from 140 to over 200 people sank in the Padma River in Bangladesh on Sunday after being struck by a cargo ship. At least 70 people have been confirmed dead, and others are missing. Around 60 people have been rescued. The ferry has now been pulled to the river's surface and dragged to shore. The phase of the rescue operation involving divers has now concluded, but the area surrounding the shipwreck will continue to be monitored for those who remain missing. The captain of the cargo vessel that struck the ferry has been arrested. Read more [...]
Costa 3

What Does it Mean for a Captain to Abandon Ship?

There is unwritten code for captains of ships, and that code dictates that a captain should never leave a sinking ship when there are still passengers on board. Any time a captain violates this principle, he or she is said to have abandoned ship. For this reason, the term "abandon ship" has negative connotations, even though there are times when a captain could rightly abandon ship (most obviously when every passenger has been helped off the ship, but potentially in other situations as well). Below, we examine the tradition of captains staying on board their ships till the bitter end, and look at some notable recent instances of captains (prematurely) abandoning ship. Read more [...]