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Singles Cruises: Which Cruise Ships Offer Singles Cruises?

Singles cruises are distinct from regular cruises in a few different respects, but they are alike in at least one major way: both types of cruises are offered by the same cruise lines, which means that singles cruises take place on the same cruise ships as regular cruises. There are not, in other words, special cruise ships that are only for singles cruises. The same cruise ships are used for theme cruises (like singles cruises) and regular cruises alike. However, there are a lot fewer singles cruises than regular cruises, so there is smaller pool of possible vessels to choose from when booking a singles cruise. Thanks to resources out there that provide information about singles cruises, it is easy to compile a list of the cruise ships that are used for singles cruises. We have compiled such a list, as well as added some general notes about it. Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: Which Singles Cruise is Best for You?

If you're thinking about going on a singles cruise, there are plenty to choose from. Singles cruises go to all the major cruise destinations - places like Alaska and the Caribbean - and they depart from many different locales around the world, ranging from Miami to Seattle to Barcelona. Singles cruises also last for varying lengths of time and take place throughout the year. There are even singles cruises that focus on specific holidays, like Halloween, or interests, like football. With all these choices, how do you decide which singles cruise is right for you? Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: What do You do on a Singles Cruise?

You might be surprised to learn that a singles cruise is largely the same as a standard cruise in terms of the cruise experience itself. The activities, dining options, and travel itineraries available on singles cruises and normal cruises are alike in many ways, and the same ships are used for both. So, singles cruises aren't some sort of extraordinary event where singles are funneled into each other for a week at sea of lawless lust - a singles cruise is really of the same genus as any other cruise. Yet it remains a unique species nonetheless, offering as it does a vacation that appeals to a narrower subset than the general population. Moreover, what one does on a cruise will be for the most part self-determined, so of course every cruise will be unique, and this applies in equal measure to normal and singles cruises. Basically, there are many similarities and a few differences between regular cruises and singles cruises, and we propose to set them down for you. Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: Who Goes on a Singles Cruise?

The answer to the question in the title - who goes on a singles cruise? - may appear ludicrously simple, and in one sense it is. Singles obviously go on singles cruises. Who else would take a cruise that exclusively caters to singles? But the word "single" ranges over many types of people, so we wanted to look into the different kinds of singles that take singles cruises. There are singles who go on these cruises to hook up and not much else, and this is probably the type of single that many people think of when they hear of singles cruises. But not everyone takes a singles cruise just to hook up with other passengers. Many people take them to meet other people who are at a similar stage in life as they are; that's why there are singles cruises for specific age groups. Other people take them to meet like-minded people, and hence the existence of, for example, the Christian singles cruises that pop up from time to time. Basically, lots of different types of singles take singles cruises for lots of different reasons. A singles cruise needn't be a celebration of promiscuity. Read more [...]

How To Book a Singles Cruise

If you are single and want to take a cruise, you might consider taking a singles cruise. Only singles take them, so everyone on board is theoretically available, making singles cruises excellent for meeting other people without partners. This is, of course, the appeal of singles cruises to people who are single. But how do you book a singles cruise? Is booking a singles cruise different from booking any other sort of cruise? To answer these and similar questions, we wrote this article to explain the ins and outs of booking a singles cruise. Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: What are Some Examples of Singles Cruises?

There are lots of singles, and there are lots of cruises, so there are also lots of singles cruises. A singles cruise? What's that? It's a cruise for singles, or a single's cruise, as we explained in a recent article about cruising for singles (pun intended). We have explained what singles cruises are (see previous link), written about where you can go on a singles cruise, and listed the cruise lines that offer singles cruises, but sometimes the best way to understand something is through example. So, in this article we offer a few examples of singles cruises. Read more [...]