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A River Cruise For Millennials

U by Uniworld has changed the way 21 to 45-year-olds look at a river cruise. Read more [...]

A Bucket List Ocean and River Cruise

Viking has long been known as a leader in both ocean and river cruises. And now this innovative cruise line is the first to offer a single cruise that offers both river and ocean experiences for passengers. Read more [...]
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The Best West Coast Departure Cruise Options

The west coast offers many departures for cruises from as short as just one night to longer vacations that span more than 15 nights. And with the time that you save getting to the east coast, you might even be able to book a longer cruise. Read more [...]

Honeymooning With Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines offers a wide variety of choices for destinations, cruise length and even cost to make sure that newlyweds can get away together to celebrate. Read more [...]
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Buying Jewelry On-Board Your Cruise

Shopping for jewelry and watches is popular with many cruise ship passengers. On-board boutiques sell jewelry (usually duty-free) to fit every budget, including high-end and luxury brands. Many people buy jewelry to mark the occasion of the cruise, especially if it’s an anniversary event. Others are simply enjoy looking for a good deal. But can you really get a good deal on a cruise ship? Here are some tips. Read more [...]
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Why Cruises Make for Great Family Vacations with Teenagers

Vacationing with teenagers can provide a special kind of challenge because they’re at a tough age – not quite little kids but not quite adults. A cruise ship vacation can offer teens activities geared to their interests, as well as some freedom, exciting excursions, and even some release from typical family drama, ensuring a good time is had by all. Read more [...]