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Can You Be Banned From A Cruise Line For Life?

If you are looking to be the star of your friend’sYouTube video and you jump from your balcony into the water, you are going to very quickly get banned. Read more [...]

Tips For A Solo Lady On A Cruise

As a solo lady on a cruise ship, there can be a few challenges that you will face, but there is no reason that you cannot rise to the occasion and have a fantastic trip without being uncomfortable or self-conscious. Read more [...]

Tragedy Strikes Princess Cruise Lines Resort Princess Cays

Princess Cruise Lines have confirmed that a fire destroyed several buildings on the south side of Princess Cays, the island which is home to their resort. Read more [...]
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Cruises For 2019 are Better than Ever!

In 2019 you can be one of the first to “test drive” one of the eight new ships that will be joining the ocean tours. Read more [...]
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2019 Will Be A Big Year For Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Line is bringing seven ships into dry dock this year for upgrades and retrofits. Read more [...]

What Does the Dreaded Code Red on a Cruise Ship Mean?

For those who are not regulars on a cruise ship, you might be unaware of the “secret” codes used by the crew to spread the word of an event without causing mass panic among the passengers. These codes are used for any number of events but the one that is getting the most attention right now is the dreaded Code Red. Read more [...]