Celebrity X Cruise Jobs

When looking for a job on a cruise ship you should research the company first in order to become familiar with the organizations ideas and philosophies. You should also learn all the line’s fleet, destinations, and the company’s history. Once you learn as much as you can about the cruise line, you will be well prepared to complete the application process and you will be ready for the interview. Being well-informed about the cruise line you are applying to will help you stand out from the crowd.

To learn about Celebrity X Cruises and job openings, visit the official website at www.celebritycruises.com. In the “About Us” section, you will find a profile of the company, the company’s history, the company’s philosophy, information about the leadership team, a letter from Celebrity X Cruise line President, career opportunities, the company’s ideas about environmental stewardship, investor relations, and corporate governance.

The other tabs offer additional information about Celebrity X including contact information, ship information, and information on specific cruises.

Follow the “Careers” tab on the right-hand side of the screen to learn about available positions, the job application process, and employee benefits. Benefits include the ability to participate in the employee development programs and career growth opportunities along with more traditional benefits such as vacation time and health insurance. Other benefits include free air travel to and from the ship, free meals, free accommodations, and discounts on services aboard the ship.

To learn more about benefits by follow the “Benefits” tab on the Career page. There are three additional links if you’re interested in information about what working for Celebrity X is like, job searches, and jobs onboard. To learn about current cruise ship jobs on Celebrity X Cruises, follow the job search or jobs onboard links. Once you have found an opening that you are interested in, you must follow the application instructions carefully to be considered for the position.

To Contact Celebrity X Cruises, call 800.256.6649. You can also email Celebrity X by clicking on the “E-mail Us” links throughout the site. This will redirect you to an online contact form. For contact information for Celebrity X cruise offices around the globe, visit: www.celebritycruises/contactus.

U.S. Offices

Celebrity X
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132

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