Cheap Mediterranean Cruises: To Where Can You Take One?

We’ve recently been writing about cheap Mediterranean cruises, but largely in the abstract. We first covered the basics of these types of discounted cruise vacations, and then we explained which cruise lines offer cheap Mediterranean cruises, but we haven’t yet specified the exact places a Mediterranean cruise will take you. Obviously, a Mediterranean cruise will take place in the Mediterranean Sea, or at least a large portion of it will, but this doesn’t tell you much. The Mediterranean region of the world, having slowly developed over the course of thousands of years, is bursting with different cultures, sights, and attractions, so we figured it was only proper to explore in more detail the riches of this cruise-accessible area.

Technically, our focus is on cheap Mediterranean cruises, so you might think this limits the range of options up for consideration. Sure, the Mediterranean offers tons of cruising possibilities, you might think, but not all of them can be accessed if you’re looking for a discounted cruise. This is true in a sense – you can’t expect to go anywhere you please at any given time if you are limiting yourself to the cheapest options available – but in general a huge variety of different cruise vacations could potentially be offered at discounted prices. It is not as if only cruises from, say, Greece, are comparatively inexpensive and any other cruise embarking from a different country will cost the regular price. Rather, discounted cruises are essentially random because you can’t reliably predict what a cruise line will offer. Perhaps Carnival has some last-minute cabins to fill on their cruise from Barcelona, for instance, and as a consequence there will be cheap cruises departing from Spain. You simply don’t know. All of this is just to say that a discussion of where you can go on a Mediterranean cruise is a discussion of where you can go on a cheap Mediterranean cruise. Essentially any place is open – you just need to be able to seize a deal when the right cruise vacation itinerary presents itself.

All that said, where precisely can you go on a Mediterranean cruise? To begin with the most obvious places, a Mediterranean cruise can (and will, at least in a large percentage of cases) take you to one or more of the southern European countries, such as France, Spain, Italy, or Greece. Indeed, these are probably the countries you have in mind when you think of Mediterranean cruises. While these countries dominate the Mediterranean cruise market of Europe, it is important not to forget about the smaller European countries a Mediterranean cruise can take you to, like Monaco, Gibraltar, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Albania, Montenegro, and Slovenia. Each of these countries has at least one port of call that is frequently visited by the cruise lines that operate Mediterranean cruises. Also, it is worth mentioning that many Mediterranean cruises depart from Portugal, even though it doesn’t border the Mediterranean Sea.

The European countries are deeply intertwined with Mediterranean cruises, and the majority of cruise ships operate from ports in these countries, but there are plenty of other places that can be visited on a cruise in the Mediterranean. Northern Africa borders the entire southern side of the Mediterranean Sea, and cruise ships frequently stop by ports in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco. On the eastern side of the Mediterranean are Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, and Israel, all of which have ports that cruise ships regularly stop by. So, on a Mediterranean cruise, you might visit any one of these countries, even if you leave from one of the classic European ports (e.g., Civitavecchia, the famous port near Rome).

To conclude, you could conceivably get a cheap Mediterranean cruise that stops by (or embarks from or disembarks at) a port in any of the countries listed above. In fact, on virtually every Mediterranean cruise, you will stop by multiple countries, allowing you to experience a variety of different cultures in a short amount of time. There is a tendency to associate Mediterranean cruises exclusively with Europe (or even with just Italy, Spain, France, and Greece), but this doesn’t do justice to the panoply of possibilities opened by a Mediterranean cruise. When you take a cruise in the Mediterranean, in short, you are not only taking a tour of southern Europe – much more is open to you.

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