Christian Cruises

If you’re looking for a fun-filled vacation or retreat specifically for Christian interests, why not consider a Christian cruise?

Cruises are considered one of the absolute best all inclusive types of vacations for the frugal and those on a budget alike. This, coupled with the essence of a Christian cruise—seminars, artists, inspirational speakers and spiritually uplifting entertainment—is a guarantee that your Christian cruise will far exceed all spiritual expectations without breaking the bank.

An added benefit for opting for a Christian cruise is, as a passenger and member of the faith, Christians will enjoy friendship and companionship with like-minded individuals as well as give thanks and praise to the Lord throughout this very physical and spiritual journey.

There are so many types of Christian cruises on the market today that it would be tough to name them all. Just a few of the different types of Christian cruises include: couples cruises, family cruises, singles cruises, cruises for seniors and retreat cruises.

No matter what type of cruise you choose, the activities and events will be a hodgepodge of Christian song, dance, comedy, seminar, worship and even work shops. While most popular cruise lines have been known to sponsor a Christian cruise or two, such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival, there are a good number of top Christian vacations on the market today including: Cruise with a Cause, The Spirit West Coast Cruise, and Steps of Paul Cruise Tours.

Cruise with a Cause hosts a variety of entertainment based Christian cruises and many will take the passenger to a variety of destinations such as the Caribbean, South America, and Europe, to name a few.

The Spirit West Coast Cruises are also entertainment based cruises featuring the best in Christian music, but also ample time on the sandy beaches of places such as Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.

Steps of Paul Cruise Tours may take the passenger to places such as Greece or Athens or Turkey. The Steps of Paul Cruise Tours will take the passenger on tours of ruins, pillars, and public places of worship.

In addition to exciting destinations such as the Caribbean, Cabo San Lucas and Europe, most Christian Cruises will sail Africa, the Holy Land/Middle East, Hawaii, Alaska, and more.

The typical length of a Christian Cruise ranges from 3-8 Days, but depending on the “sub-theme� the cruise can last 10, maybe even 15 days. Depending on the type of Christian Cruise and destination, prices may start at $299 and work up to $1,000 or more—all inclusive.

Most Christian Cruises tend to run year around, so anytime is a good time to go. To check out all there is to offer in Christian Cruises today, visit: Christian Travel Finder has been featured in Time Magazine, on The Early Show and in USA Today Travel.

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