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Costco Cruise Getaways

Although seemingly a generic term to refer to any given Costco cruise vacation, Costco’s “getaways” are actually a specific type of cruise. In the parlance of Costco, a getaway is a short cruise vacation that lasts less than seven days. The Costco getaway cruises are the types of sailings you could take without having to coordinate a full week off of work, or that you might be able to fit into a larger vacation without too much trouble. They are transient escapes, not full-blown vacations, that are essentially like extended weekends, even though they don’t exclusively take place over a weekend. Below is a brief overview of Costco cruise getaways, which explains what they are and what is available (and also makes a few geographical points along the way).

The basic philosophy behind Costco’s cruise getaways is fairly well summed up by their tagline: “Short cruises. Big getaways.” Although this is obviously a marketing slogan that aims to attract customers before it strives for profundity, it contains some insight. A cruise is a unique vacation option that allows you to do a lot, and to completely getaway, in a short amount of time. A cruise can take you to the middle of the ocean, a tropical port or two, and then back to your point of departure in just a few days. During your trip, you don’t need to worry about getting from airports to hotels, for instance, nor must you concern yourself with navigating the public transportation system to find a good place to eat. Everything is arranged for you, allowing you to fully check out for the duration of your sailing. Not many vacations are like this, especially when they don’t last very long. A short cruise can be a “big getaway,” and you don’t need a lot of free time to flee the crushing monotony of your daily life.

At the moment, Costco is advertising four getaways, all of which go to classic cruise destinations near the US. According to the Costco cruises getaway page, there are two sailings to the Caribbean, one to the Bahamas, and one to Bermuda. This is a bizarre way to classify the vacations for a couple of reasons. One of the Caribbean cruises – the “Western Caribbean Cruise” – only goes to Mexico, so it would be more descriptive to call it a “cruise to Mexico,” and the other Caribbean cruise – the “Eastern Caribbean Cruise” – goes to the Bahamas, which technically isn’t in the Caribbean. To be sure, the Bahamas are often classed as Caribbean, so we don’t begrudge Costco for calling a cruise to the Bahamas a “Caribbean cruise,” but then why is one of getaway cruises marketed as a trip “to the Bahamas?” Of course, the advertised itineraries are the itineraries regardless of how the cruise is promoted, so the strange classifications aren’t terribly important, but they needed to be pointed out in the interest of listing exactly what is on offer. Costco offers two getaway cruises to the Bahamas, one to Bermuda, and one to Mexico, despite indications to the contrary on their website.

So, a Costco getaway cruise is not just any cruise vacation – it a short trip designed for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. As of now, the cruises go to the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Mexico, but these offerings will no doubt vary throughout the year. For more general information, check out our guide and overview to Costco cruises.

Costco Cruise Getaways
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Costco Cruise Getaways
A brief overview of Costco cruise getaways, which explains what they are and what is available.

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