Costco Cruises from Los Angeles

Along with Miami, New York, and Seatle, Los Angeles is one of Costco’s “homeports.” This means that there are not only lots of Costco cruises from Los Angeles, but also a number of “featured deals,” which are specially discounted cruises offered by Costco. Below is a guide to the Costco cruises from Los Angeles that explains what is available and guides you through the booking process.

It is best to begin your vacation research by considering the featured deals, which can be found on the Costco website page that is dedicated to cruises from Los Angeles. (Only the four homeports have featured deals pages, for the record, so not every departure port has a list of discounted cruises associated with it.) Los Angeles is one of the more highly trafficked cruise ports in the world, and the number of featured deals (10) reflects this. Miami has the same number of featured deals and it is the busiest cruise port in the world. The featured deals are fairly diverse, ranging from three-night trips to Mexico to “full transit” cruises through the Panama Canal that last over two weeks. There is even an 18-day cruise to Polynesia. So, if you are inclined to leave from Los Angeles for whatever reason, one of these featured deals could be just what you are looking for, particularly because they are all discounted in one way or another.

There are plenty of cruises from Los Angeles that are not featured deals, though, and in order to find these you’ll need to use the search tool on the Costco Travel website. You can’t search for cruises from Los Angeles straightaway, however, so you need to perform an initial search with fairly broad criteria. You are able to list your desired cruise line, departure date, and a couple of other things, but we recommend leaving everything blank but the departure date, which is the only criteria you are required to fill in. By keeping the fields blank, your initial search will yield hundreds of results, but you are able to narrow these results with a filter; one of the ways you can filter the results is by departure port. Once you select Los Angeles, you will see only cruises from this port, and this obviously makes your search a lot more manageable. For any given month you search, there will be around a dozen cruises – primarily to Mexico – so you can basically analyze every possibility to make sure you are getting the best deal.

If you are interested in moving forward on booking a cruise from Los Angeles, you might consider reading our general guide and overview of Costco cruises. And if you find yourself in the city, here are some things to see and do in Los Angeles.

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