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There are lots of Costco cruises from New York, and this is the case simply because New York is a major cruise port. However, Costco and New York are connected by more than the fact that the former offers a number of cruises out of the latter. Along with three other major U.S. ports, New York is one of Costco’s “homeports,” which means that cruises from NYC are emphasized on the Costco Travel website, and also that there are always several “featured deals” for Costco cruises that depart from New York. Essentially, there is an abundance of Costco cruises from New York, and a number of these are specially discounted through Costco’s featured deals. Below we guide you through the process of finding and booking a Costco cruise from New York that is right for you.

As mentioned, New York is one of Costco’s “homeports,” and for this reason there is a separate page on the Costco Travel site dedicated to cruises from New York. It is on this page where you will find the featured deals. As we have said many times before, these deals are always worth checking out because you might be able to find just the cruise you are looking for at a discounted price. At the moment, there are seven featured deals for cruises out of New York, and the offerings are fairly diverse. There are several cruises to New England and Canada, which isn’t surprising given New York’s location, and there are also two cruises to Bermuda and one transatlantic cruise to England. So, even if you only limit yourself the featured deals, there are some good cruises from New York to choose from.

Of course, though, there is no reason to only look at the featured deals. If one of them works for you, great – you can save some money this way – but there are plenty of other options, and when you book through Costco, you’ll likely get some sort of promotional offer anyway. To look for other Costco cruises from New York, you’ll have to use the search tool on the Costco Travel website. At the beginning of the search process, there is no way to search exclusively for cruises from New York. Instead, you will have to perform a broader search that specifies the duration of your trip, the month during which you want to leave, the destination to which you want to sail, and the cruise line with which you want to cruise. The only required criterion is your departure month, however, and it is probably just as well to leave every other field blank so that you can see the full range of cruises from New York available. In any case, after performing the initial search, you will be confronted with an enormous number of vacation possibilities (at least if you leave the initial search fields open). However, the good thing about the Costco search tool is that you can filter your results with a number of different factors, including your departing port. When you select “New York” as your port of departure, you’ll have a much more manageable list of cruises to look through. You can look through these cruises and see if anything looks better than one of the featured deals, and regardless of what cruise you end up going with, you will have seen all the cruises relevant to your interest (assuming that a departure from New York is the one nonnegotiable component of your cruise vacation).

So, to recap, there are lots of cruises from New York that can be found fairly easily using the Costco Travel site, and if you end up booking with Costco, you could definitely save some money on your trip. For more information, you can read our article about cruises from New York, and you can also check out our guide of things to see and do while waiting for your cruise from New York to depart. In addition, we have put together a guide and overview of Costco cruises, which you might also find profitable to read.

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