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Costco Cruises to Asia

In our guide and overview of Costco cruises, we mentioned that you can take a Costco cruise to the far corners of the globe. There is essentially no further corner of the globe than Asia, at least from the American (and partially European) perspective, and you can in fact take a Costco cruise to Asia. However, before you consider booking one of Costco’s Asian sailings, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind that we explain below.

Although the offerings change throughout the year, it is overwhelmingly the case that Costco cruises to Asia are more like Cruises within Asia. There are lots of cruises that leave and return to ports in Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries in this region of the world, but hardly any that begin from completely different parts of the globe. Russia appears to be the one exception to this, where a considerable number of cruises from Moscow and St. Petersburg are offered that sail “to Asia,” but this often just means the Asian side of Russia, which you pass through sailing from St. Petersburg to Moscow. There are also a few scattered cruises from other parts of the world, like the three long round-trip cruises from Southampton, England that visit parts of Asia, for instance, but there aren’t many of these.

So, in general, any cruise that can be booked via Costco Travel that involves Asia stays within that region of the world, or else partially leaves it by going to a non-Asian country relatively nearby, like Australia. (Speaking of Australia, there is a repositioning cruise that sails from L.A. to Syndey at the end of August, so there is at least one way to get from the U.S. to the other side of the globe via cruise ship short of taking a months-long world cruise, but Costco doesn’t offer the L.A.-to-Syndey cruise.) So, the bottom line is that you’ll likely already be in Asia if you want to book one of Costco’s Asian cruises. The cruise would be one part of a larger trip to Asia, not the entire trip itself (unless you live in a place like Japan or China, of course).

The other thing worth keeping in mind about Costco’s cruises to Asia is that they are somewhat confusing to book on the Costco Travel website. On the top of the page, there is a tab for cruises, and when you hover over this tab, you can select cruise destinations, one of which is Asia. This will bring you to a page with some featured deals (always worth checking out), where there is a search tool to look for specific cruises. This search tool is on the homepage of Costco Travel, however, so you can start looking for your cruise straight away. However, if you do this, you’ll notice that there is no way to search for Asia specifically. Rather, you must search for cruises to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (all three are grouped together). This doesn’t really complicate booking too much, but it is slightly strange that destinations are listed differently depending on which way you approach booking your cruise. It is also strange that the list of cruises that ostensibly go to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East essentially only go to Asia anyway, so the addition of the other destinations is notable for that reason as well. In any case, you are now aware of the complication and so won’t be tripped up by it.

So, there are several Costco cruises to Asia, although they are more like cruises within Asia, as they almost always begin or end in Asia, or leave this region briefly to go to a place like Australia. They can be booked online like any other Costco cruise, although you’ll have to search for cruises to Asia in conjunction with cruises to Africa and the Middle East (even though most of the cruises will be to or in Asia anyway).

Costco Cruises to Asia
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Costco Cruises to Asia
Before you consider booking one of Costco cruises to Asia, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind.

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