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Costco Cruises to the Caribbean

It is hard to think of a cruise without thinking of the Caribbean, and it is hard to think of the Caribbean without thinking of cruises. The Caribbean is deeply integrated into the cruise industry and therefore deeply integrated into Costco Travel, which offers (often discounted) cruises to destinations all over the world to Costco members. For a significant portion of the year, there are hundreds of Costco cruises to the Caribbean per month, and almost every cruise line Costco partners with offers Caribbean cruises. To guide you through the plethora of possibilities, we have compiled a guide to Costco cruises to the Caribbean, and also explained how to book them through Costco Travel.

Because the Caribbean can be quite hot in the summer, and because everybody wants to go somewhere warm in the winter, there are far more Caribbean cruises in the winter than in the summer. What Costco offers naturally reflects this, so you’ll have more to pick from if you are looking for cruises from about November through March. You aren’t going to struggle to find a cruise to the Caribbean no matter what time of year you look for one, but you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to things like your departure port if you book during the winter. This is important to keep in mind because you have to factor the cost of getting to the port of departure into the total cost of your cruise. If you can go to a port that is nearer to your home, this can save you some money. You’ll also have more cruise lines to pick from if you go during the peak season, and there are also a greater variety of itineraries at this time of year. If you go in January, there are a number of three-week vacations available, which often appeal to retirees, whereas none of these are available in the summer. Again, though, there are always lots of Caribbean cruises to be had, so unless you have a hyper-specific cruise in mind, you’ll likely find something whenever you happen to have time for a cruise to the Caribbean.

As concerns booking one of these numerous cruises, the information we offer necessarily echos what we wrote in our article about Costco cruises to the Bahamas. On the Costco Travel website, you can only search for Caribbean cruises and Bahamian cruises together. This is somewhat annoying when looking for a cruise to the Bahamas in particular because you can’t target this destination alone; you have to search through the many different cruises that fall under the heading “Caribbean and Bahamas.” However, when searching for a Caribbean cruise, this perhaps isn’t a problem, as you might want to include the Bahamas in your searches anyway. (Contrary to popular belief, the Bahamas are technically not in the Caribbean, even though the islands of the Bahamas are often included in the Caribbean region because of their close proximity. The Bahamas are in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea, and while they are part of the West Indies, they don’t quite fit into the Caribbean.) Regardless of whether or not you find it convenient, it is good to keep in mind, especially since, despite being grouped together in searches, each has their own page on the Costco Travel website. You’ll want to check the Caribbean page (and, if interested, the Bahamas page) before doing any searching because these pages list the “featured deals,” which are definitely worth pursing if your vacation plans allow it.

Like almost all companies involved in the cruise industry, Costco Travel has a lot to offer in terms of Caribbean cruises. If you are a Costco member and have any interest in sailing to the Caribbean, you’ll almost certainly find what you are looking for (sometimes at a discounted price) working with Costco Travel. For more general information, check out our guide and overview of Costco cruises.

Costco Cruises to the Caribbean
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Costco Cruises to the Caribbean
A guide to Costco cruises to the Caribbean and an explanation of how to book them through Costco Travel.

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