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Costco Cruises with Allure of the Seas

Cruises with the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas are one of the top-selling Costco cruises. Not every cruise offered on the Allure of the Seas is designated as “top-selling” by Costco, but half of them are, as the ship only offer two itineraries, and evidently one sells better than the other. Regardless, the Allure of the Seas is popular among, and highly-rated ship by, Costco members, so below we explain the itineraries of both ships, as well as explain how to book them with Costco Travel.

The top-selling Allure of the Seas cruise is a seven-day sailing to the Eastern Caribbean. The ship begins in Fort Lauderdale, sails to Nassua in the Bahamas, and then spends a day at sea en route to Charlotte Amalie in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The ship is in Charlotte Amalie for a full day, and then leaves in the evening for Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. The Allure of the Seas arrives in Philipsburg in the morning and then departs in the evening. The trip concludes with two days at sea before arriving back in Fort Lauderdale. The trip is, in short, a classic Eastern Caribbean cruise. Since it is a top-selling cruise, Costco has dedicated a page on its website to this particular itinerary. You can book the cruise directly through this page, or you can also search for it using the Costco Travel search tool. (More on this in a moment.)

The Allure of the Seas’ other itinerary also starts in Fort Lauderdale, and necessarily so, as this is the port to which the top-selling cruise returns. The ship’s two itineraries alternate – the top-selling Eastern Caribbean cruise goes one week, then the other Allure of the Seas’ cruise, which sails to the Central Caribbean, goes the next week. Given this schedule, the Central Caribbean cruise also lasts a week. After departing from Fort Lauderdale in the evening, the ship spends a day at sea and then arrives in Labadee, Haiti in the morning of the third day of the trip. After a day in Haiti, the ship sails overnight to Falmouth, Jamaica, where the ship is also docked for a day. Departing from Falmouth in the evening, the ship sails through the night, spends a full day at sea, and then arrive in Cozumel, Mexico on the sixth day of the trip. In the evening of the sixth day, the ship departs for Fort Lauderdale, but spends a full day at sea before arriving there.

Both cruises are very easy to find and book online. Although the search tool on the Costco Travel website has its limitations (primarily because it often produces results that are incompatible with the search criteria entered), it is good at pinpointing the specific cruises you are looking for. In the case of finding cruises on the Allure of the Seas, all you have to do is enter “Royal Caribbean” as your desired cruise line and pick the month in which you want to sail. After this, you’ll get quite a few results – Royal Caribbean is a massive cruise line with lots of offerings – but fortunately you can filter your results by cruise ship. So, after you perform the initial search, you can check a box that limits the results exclusively to the cruises offered by Allure of the Seas, and then you will be left to choose from the two itineraries described above, along with one of the dates on which your preferred itinerary leaves.

So, there are two cruises offered by the Allure of the Seas, and they are both fairly similar. They both take place in the Caribbean, last seven days, and visit three ports. Why one sells better than the other is unclear, and in fact it is unclear whether one does in fact sell better than the other. (We pointed out some of the problems with defining “top-selling” in our article about top-selling Costco cruises.) Regardless of which one sells better, they are both easy to book using the Costco Travel website. For more general information, check out our overview and guide to Costco cruises.

AAC - Costco Cruises with Allure of the Seas
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AAC - Costco Cruises with Allure of the Seas
Cruises with the Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas are one of the top-selling Costco cruises.

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