Costco Cruises with the Grand Princess

A couple of months or so ago, the Grand Princess offered one of Costco’s top-selling cruises. At the moment, this is no longer the case, but the Grand Princess is still a very popular ship that Costco members have rated highly. Because of its once (and perhaps future) top-selling status, we decided the Grand Princess needs its own article. Below we supply an overview of the cruises you can take with the Grand Princess, as well as explain how to book Grand Princess cruises through Costco Travel.

The main reason the Grand Princess no longer offers a top-selling cruise, or so we must assume, is that it offers an uncharacteristically broad range of different cruises. All the top-selling cruises we have written about – Disney Fantasy, Norwegian Getaway, Allure of the Seas, Celebrity Silhouette, and Pride of America – offer the same cruise week after week, or at least every other week. It is hard for a cruise to become a bestseller if it isn’t offered with any regularity.

In the immediate future, the Grand Princess offers two round-trip cruises from Seattle to Alaska, which appear to be the last sailings that follow the top-selling itinerary. After these two cruises, the cruise ship relocates to Vancouver, where it stays for a month, offering a 10-day, round-trip cruise to California and a 15-day, round-trip cruise to Hawaii. Thereafter, the ship relocates to Los Angeles, where it begins offering 10-day cruises to Mexico for about a month. It then offers a couple of 15-day Hawaiian cruises – interestingly, these two cruises follow different itineraries – before offering cruises to Mexico again. The Grand Princess remains in Los Angeles for next couple of months, offering cruises to both Mexico and Hawaii. So, the Grand Princess gets around. It isn’t locked into a seven-day cruise pattern like so many other ships.

As for booking a cruise with the Grand Princess, you have to use the search tool on the Costco Travel website. (The Grand Princess has its own page on the Costco site, which lists all the ship’s statistics and features, but you can’t actually begin the booking process on this page.) Using the search tool is straightforward: you list the cruise line you want to sail with, as well as the month in which you want to leave. Since Princess is a large cruise line, this will bring up lots of results, but you can filter them by cruise ship. On the results page there is a box that says “Popular Ships,” and at the bottom of this box is a search bar where you can type in any ship name. When you type in Grand Princess, the results will automatically update to include only sailings on the Grand Princess. If you have any trouble with the online booking process, you can call Costco at 1-877-849-2730.

To be sure, most people don’t book their cruise vacation on the basis of the cruise ship alone. Other criteria come first, like the cruise destination and the port of departure. As we said above, though, the Grand Princess is a highly rated vessel and it offers some classic cruise vacations to Mexico, Hawaii, and (next summer) Alaska, and moreover it leaves from a fairly convenient port, so the ship is worth considering, even if the vessel alone doesn’t sway your vacation decision.

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