CroisiEurope River Cruises

For some avid cruisers, there is no cruise like a river cruise. If you’re one of these kinds of travelers, we have an exciting river cruise to share with you. CroisiEurope is a family-owned business that offers river cruises to many beautiful locations in Spain, Hungary, and Italy. They have a fleet of 43 elegant ships that can take anywhere from 24 to 180 passengers on thrilling river cruises.

Here’s more about CroisiEurope’s river cruises to stunning European locales:

The Itineraries

CroisiEurope’s river cruises take passengers on creative itineraries to places that not many other cruise lines travel. A cruise on one of CroisiEurope’s ships will have you setting off to exotic places like the Guadina river in Spain, Tisza in Hungary, Venice lagoon, and Po in Italy.

Cruises range from 3-night journeys to Paris, 12-night transcontinental cruises, and cruises that go to the Black Sea. Many CroisiEurope Cruises sail along France’s rivers and waterways, offering picture-perfect views of the romantic country’s top attractions.

The Ships

CroisiEurope’s ships have names that evoke art and culture of many of the destinations they sail to. When you take a CroisiEurope river cruise, you might cruise on the “Renoir,” “Van Gogh,” “Monet,” “Michel Angelo,” Mona Lisa,” “Victor Hugo,” “Modigliani,” “Léonard de Vinci,” or “Beethoven.” These are the names of the old Europe, which can be explored in a new way on a CroisiEurope cruise.

CroisiEurope ships are designed to sail in any water conditions. They’re made to fit under low and narrow bridges and to navigate challenging canals.

If you want to find out more about the amazing river cruises that you can take with CroisiEurope, you can visit CroisiEurope’s website. You can even book cruises directly from the CroisiEurope website.

CroisiEurope River Cruises

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