Crown Cruise Vacations

Crown Cruise Vacations is a travel agency based in Princeton, New Jersey that was founded in 2008. As its name implies (Crown Cruise Vacations), the agency focuses on cruises, although they do offer a few land-based vacations through various tour companies, as well as some miscellaneous travel services. As a relatively new travel agency, we thought we should supply some basic information about it. How do you use Crown Cruise Vacations? Do people use Crown Cruise Vacations? And what can they do for you?

Like a lot of travel agencies, CCV makes fairly extravagant claims about their services. Their promotional materials claim that the agency “offers the guaranteed lowest prices on cruises around the world,” often saving you hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars. They are able to offer these services because of their “unique team of experienced, accredited travel agents” that use “modern technology to lead the vacation travel marketplace.” All of this expertise and technology makes CCV “dynamic” and a “continually evolving” company. (Aren’t those essentially the same attributes?) Of course, though, every company must promote themselves and we don’t begrudge CCV for it. And besides, the agency is evidently well-regarded, at least according to reviews left around the web. Several people have reported having a positive experience with the company, and that the agency did in fact find them a very good deal on a cruise. (For the record, if you ever want to get travel agencies to compete against each other, you can use sites like CruiseCompete, where several travel agencies can offer quotes for your consideration.) The company has also won several awards – they were named “Cruise Travel Agency of the Year” by World Travel Awards in 2011 and 2012, for instance – so clearly they are doing something right.

And what exactly is it that they are doing? As we said above, the agency clearly focuses on cruise vacations. They can arrange cruises with over 20 cruise lines – all the major cruise lines and several others besides – and they can help you with a cruise to virtually any corner of the globe (including cruises that go to multiple corners of the world, as in the case of a world tour cruise). (For the record, and because we just used the phrase twice, the globe, being a sphere, doesn’t have corners.) They can also help you set up a group cruise, a project which can often be difficult and time-consuming when undertaken on your own. Basically, if you want to take virtually any type of cruise, CCV can book it for you. They can also help you with the various other cruise-related travel arrangements, like getting a hotel room, renting a car, or securing travel insurance. Finally, they can help you set up a vacation that has nothing to do with cruising (or only partially involves cruising). They might arrange a travel package that involves, say, a safari and the flights required to get there. In short, CCV is a travel agency that can help you with most of your travel-related needs, with a particular emphasis on cruises.

As we’ve mentioned a few times before, cruise agencies definitely tend to be overlooked, but often without reason. Sure, you can book a cruise online using one of the various deal websites, but a travel agent can often offer you a better price and do all the searching/booking on your behalf. The fee they charge is often well worth it. Travel arrangements are in the hands of the customers like never before, but travel agents still fill a niche, as companies like Crown Cruise Vacations show.

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