Cruise Line Profiles: Azamara

Azamara is one cruise line that everyone interested in luxury cruises should check out. While it may not command as much press as more popular luxury lines like Crystal or Seabourn, guests regularly flock to Azamara year after year. If you’re curious to learn more about this company, let’s see what they’re all about.


Azamara has a relatively small fleet of only three ships. None of them are very large, and they all offer a similarly intimate experience. Both Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey have been sailing for the company since 2007 and can accommodate up to 690 passengers and 408 crew members. Azamara Pursuit is a little bit older, as it first started sailing for Azamara in 2001. It has since been refurbished in 2018 to be a bit more modern. It is about the same size as the other ships, though it can hold a total of 702 guests compared to 690 (big difference, eh?). All of their ships sail around the world.


To put it simply, Azamara isn’t the cruise line to choose if you are looking to find a crazy deal. Some of the other luxury lines sometimes run sales where you can book some itineraries for cheap. This rarely happens with Azamara. Their prices are pretty high throughout most of the year. You can expect prices ranging from $1500 to $3000 to be the norm for most itineraries, but longer and more extravagant trips can definitely get more expensive. One nice thing is that Azamara tickets are semi-inclusive, which means that you can get plenty of goodies for free while onboard.


Azamara offers some onboard entertainment, such as Broadway-style shows, but most people go with Azamara because they are known for great shore excursions. Their cruises are designed to get you off the ship and interacting with local communities, and you can expect really high quality from these excursions. It should be noted that these excursions do cost extra aside from the complimentary AzAmazing Evening. (This is an excursion that is included in the ticket cost and reserved specifically for Azamara guests.)


Azamara has a reputation as the cruise line of choice for an older crowd that is really looking to travel for the sake of visiting new places. This isn’t a cruise line where the main takeaway is the experience onboard. People love Azamara because the company acts as a vessel to allow them to really experience new cultures and locales. People who are looking for that generally love Azamara. People who are looking for more of a party atmosphere are usually less enthralled.

Does Azamara seem like the type of cruise line you would be interested in? If you want to learn more about them, check out their website over here.

Cruise Line Profiles: Azamara
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Cruise Line Profiles: Azamara
If you're curious to learn more about this company, let's see what they're all about.

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