Cruise Line Profiles: Cunard Line

A well-known cruise line with an incredibly storied past (seriously, their history extends back to 1840), Cunard Line is one company that is here to stay. If you don’t already know what this cruise line can offer, let’s check it out.


Seeing as Cunard has been around for almost 200 years, there have been a large number of changes to its fleet throughout history. However, its current fleet is relatively small. It’s made up of three ships: the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria, and the Queen Elizabeth (a lot of royalty right there!). The Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria are both around 90,000 gross tons, with the Victoria having a capacity of about 2000 guests and the Elizabeth having a capacity closer to 2500. Their biggest ship is the Queen Mary 2, which is nearly 150,000 gross tons with a maximum capacity of 2695 guests and 1253 crew.


Cunard is a popular line that runs a lot of different itineraries, so it’s hard to pin down one price point at which they operate. In general, you shouldn’t expect super low prices nor super high prices. You can find plenty in the $1000 to $2000 range, but there are also itineraries that cost less. On that note, there are also some that run much higher; for instance, there’s a 2022 itinerary starting at $18,399… but it’s a world cruise that lasts nearly half a year. In summary, their prices are typically fair, but not the cheapest on the market.


As an English cruise line that typically caters to adults, Cunard has a number of activities, though most of them are more relaxing than exciting. Bars and lounges abound on their ships, as well as yoga and wine tasting classes. In terms of dining, some restaurants and afternoon tea will be included in your fare, with some extra dining options being available for an additional cost. There won’t be a huge variety of restaurants to choose from on a Cunard ship, but what’s there is high quality, if a tiny bit bland.


Known to be stylish, cool, and great for couples, Cunard Line is a favorite of many. It has a reputation of being mainly for adults without families, though it does offer a nursery if you want a bit of time away from your babies. Cunard may not specialize in one area above others, but they perform well at nearly everything that you could want. They are a great all-around cruise line.

If you’re interested in checking out Cunard Line for yourself, surf over to their website and read up!

Cruise Line Profiles: Cunard Line
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Cruise Line Profiles: Cunard Line
If you don't already know what this cruise line can offer, let's check it out.

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