Cruise Line Profiles: Silversea

The world of luxury cruises is large and varied. There are many different cruise lines that cater to the luxury market, and they all offer different experiences and amenities. If you’re going to spend more money than is usual on a cruise, you’ll want to be sure that your money is going towards getting you an experience that feels totally catered to you. You’ve probably heard of Silversea, but how much do you really know about what makes them unique? For those who need a little bit of info to make an informed decision, here’s a rundown on the luxury line.


Silversea has a larger fleet than you might expect, and that’s partially because they have a couple expedition vessels in addition to their normal cruise fleet. Their normal fleet is six ships, which can be reasonably divided into three size categories. The Silver Cloud and the Silver Wind are smallest at 16,800 tons, and they fit about 290 people. The Silver Shadow and the Silver Whisper are 28,258 tons and accommodate about 380 passengers. Their biggest (and most recently built) ships are the Silver Spirit and the Silver Muse. They’re both about 40,000 tons and fit 600 people or so. Their expedition fleet is two ships total, the Silver Explorer and the Silver Galapagos. Interestingly, the Explorer was built in 1989 and the Galapagos in 1990!


Silversea offers a variety of different kinds of cruises, so you should expect to see a wide range of prices when booking with them. Their Caribbean cruises, which are some of their most popular, start at around $3000. They can quickly get more expensive when the itinerary gets longer and more exotic, however, with many around the $10,000 mark. Their expeditions, on the other hand, should be expected to be quite pricey. $10,000 is the lower end here, with some climbing above $20,000. So, in short, it really depends, but don’t expect to get the same deals you would get with mainstream, family lines.


Silversea is a luxury cruise line, and they mean it. Don’t go into it expecting water slides and parties. Instead, you can look forward to personalized service that includes butlers. You can enjoy stunning views from your cabin, check out guest lectures by experts or hit the spa to unwind in a particularly luxurious fashion. While you won’t get the adrenaline-filled activities of other cruise lines, you will have your mind blown by the food. Each ship has different restaurants and food, but it is truly fine dining. The dishes are both delicious and visually impressive, and guests report being hugely satisfied with the food.


Silversea’s reputation differs slightly depending on what kind of ship you’re on. If you’re on one of the more typical cruise ships, the atmosphere is particularly formal. You’ll be expected to dress up a bit. On the expedition ships, however, the focus is much more on the expedition itself, meaning the air on the ship is more casual. Many of the travelers who book with Silversea are wealthy and retired, which is also something to keep in mind. With all of this said, it’s also important to note that Silversea generally gets quite good reviews and ratings from travelers, but not everyone is in love. Some say that a cruise with Silversea isn’t worth the price.

While not everyone who sails with Silversea comes away stunned, many do. One of the main draws of this cruise line is just how versatile they are for a luxury line. They run many different itineraries to locations across the world. If you’re looking to dip your toe into luxury cruises, Silversea could be a good choice just because it’s likely they’ll have what you’re looking for.

Cruise Line Profiles: Silversea
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Cruise Line Profiles: Silversea
For those who need a little bit of info to make an informed decision, here's a rundown on the luxury line.

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