Cruise Reservations

So you’ve thought about it and you’ve thought about it some more and you finally decided that this year’s vacation will involve endless blue seas, some dry land here and there and around the clock entertainment. This means you’re ready to take your first cruise! But before you start packing your bags, you have to make cruise reservations.

Most first time cruises have no idea where to begin their search for the perfect cruise. A good start would be to contact a travel agent, but before you contact your local travel agent to make cruise reservations, there are a few things to consider.

First, where to you want to go? Does a romantic cruise to the Hawaiian Islands sound appealing or is it family fun you’re interested in? Maybe you’re looking for a cruise that highlights a significant number of land excursions so that you can hike, bike, go horseback riding or sunbathe on the beach. When you contact a travel agent to make cruise reservations, they can tell you about the best cruise lines for the activities you’re interested in.

Next, decide what type of cruise fits your budget. Crystal Cruises is one of the most luxurious cruise lines around and they are quite expensive, while Carnival Cruises is well-known for offering cruises for the budget-conscious. Once you’ve decided on a cruise line, you still have a few more considerations before you’re 100% ready to make cruise reservations.

Other considerations include: type of stateroom (suite, inside stateroom, outside?), how long would you like to cruise (a few days, weeks, a month?) and what kind of ship you’re interested in (small, large, old, new?).

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, what you want to do, how long you want to cruise and how much you want to spend, you’re ready to contact a travel agent to make cruise reservations.

Having most or all of this information available for the travel agent before you make the call will help move the process along quickly and smoothly. Even more assurance of smooth sailing through the cruise reservations process is to contact a certified travel agent who specializes in cruises.

In addition to giving you the skinny on the latest and greatest in special cruise deals, a certified travel agent will also take care of all of the final details such transport to and from the airport and booking excursions.

A great place to search for certified cruise travel agents is with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) at The site has a search function that will help you locate certified cruise travel agents or counselors in your area. Now you’re all set to make your cruise reservations!

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