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For some, the idea of working from home can be a scary thought. Some people may think that they may lose touch with colleagues, miss the social interaction of an office environment or they feel like they may miss out on opportunities to be promoted or land exciting projects. While these fears are pretty normal in a world where working 9-5 is considered normal, the truth is – most people who want to or are already working from home absolutely love it and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

For most, the pluses far outweigh the minuses – no commutes, no punch clocks, no office politics, no one standing over your shoulder, and you’ll save a big chunk of money on gas, lunches, office wear, car maintenance, parking, etc. In fact, most people who work from home, are more productive than those working in an office – why? Because they have to be! If they don’t put in the hours – they simply don’t get paid. There’s no such thing as slipping under the radar when you work from home or for yourself!

Being your own boss and working from home can be exciting, and even more exciting is actually doing something you truly like to do. The list of home based businesses is vast and varied, but most would agree that you should combine your passion for something you love with your drive and determination to make money doing it. For those that love to cruise, the answer is simple – just start a cruise travel home business!

Starting a cruise travel home business can be quite easy if you arm yourself with the right information and tools necessary to ensure success. First, if you are currently working, simply start the business part-time, until things take off – which in most cases happens fairly quickly. Start-up costs are minimal and include: affiliation fees, software fees, and national organization fees. You will start your business by starting as an independent contractor with a parent travel agency. This is the best way to go starting out as you will receive software training, knowledgeable support, newsletters and updates, and information on industry best practices. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about setting your own prices initially. The cruise parent company will set prices and fees, as well as offer up to 50% of each reservation you book.

If you want to start your cruise travel home business without a parent company, this option offers the highest returns, meaning 100% of the profit is yours. This option will take a lot more work, however, and the start up costs will be a bit more. You will have to set your own prices, make connections, and build relationships within the travel industry overall – meaning hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and car rental companies. This will take some time. But again, for some, it’s well worth it since you will not have to share profits with a parent company. Remember, no pain, no gain!

In addition to profits, a cruise travel home business owner will also receive discounts on hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, and more. In some cases, discounts can range from 50% off up to 70%!

If you are ready to start your cruise travel home business, start reading industry books and periodicals and reviewing industry websites. Also, visit the Better Business Bureau website for information on business plans, starting a home business, how to obtain seed money, legal information, etc. Good luck!

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