Cruise Trends for 2017: What’s Worth Checking Out

Every year, it seems like we see new trends in cruising, and this year is proving to be no different. We’ve been checking out what’s hot in the cruise world already for 2017, and it seems like travelers are enjoying every opportunity to take advantage of fresh experiences and comforts that cruise companies are providing. Cruise trends for 2017 include innovative directions in destinations and vessels, along with emerging movements in cruise focus and pricing.

Let’s take a look at some of the cruise trends for 2017.

Everything is New Again

Cruise lines are figuring out that they don’t have to spend millions of dollars on new modern ships. They can simply invest in smart renovations and upgrades to bring old vessels into contemporary times. And, that means, savings for cruisers as they don’t have to subsidize a cruise line’s brand new fleet. You can have an extraordinary vacation aboard a revitalized cruise ship that has been transformed with the latest technology and design elements. Holland America and Norwegian are just a couple of the lines that are giving their older ships complete makeovers.

Jumping on the Pop Culture Bandwagon

If you’re not one to go on a traditional cruise, what do you think about a themed cruise? Perhaps a pop culture cruise that includes generational music (think tunes of the 70s and 80s played from morning until night), TV-show themed cruises (like an HGTV “The Property Brothers” focus), or even a movie theme for a cruise. Sure, themed cruises have you sailing with a lot of really excited cruisers who sometimes throw themselves overboard into the cruise theme, but you also will likely have a lot of fun and will probably see some personalities you recognize.

New Adventures on New Expeditions

Expedition cruising has taken off and there seems to be no stopping it in 2017. Two new ships to the Galapagos, Xploration and Xperiance, joined the Celebrity cruise line fleet and more expedition ships are setting sail on their maiden voyages soon. Lindblad just announced it’s new vessel, National Geographic Quest, which will head out on ocean adventures to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Cruise Trends for 2017 Include Price Bundling and River Cruises

The list of new trends for cruising in 2017 also includes a tendency toward bundling prices, so that cruisers can have their pre-cruise air fare and hotel, cruise accommodations, gratuities and drinks, excursions, and Internet pre-paid before they leave for their trips. Also, river cruises are becoming more popular, offering travelers new ways to explore a city, so they don’t have to take the same old walking tours and guided tours.

cruise trends for 2017

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