Cruise Vacations – Why Take One? The Top 5 Reasons to Go on a Cruise

Why take a cruise vacation? It is a simple question, and its answer might seem obvious to those who love taking cruise vacations. A more appropriate question might be: why on earth would you not want to go on a cruise? Although there are a couple of possible answers to the negative formulation of the question (the high price of some cruises comes to mind), we also tend to think it’s pretty obvious why cruise vacations are awesome. Just the same, we’ve compiled the following list of reasons to take a cruise vacation. We’ll be really inventive and call it: The Top Five Reasons to Go on a Cruise.

(1) Cruises will fit virtually any schedule. Unless you only get a few hours off from work per year, you can probably find time to go on a cruise. Cruises can last anywhere from a few days (e.g., a quick trip to the Caribbean from a port in Florida) to multiple months (e.g., the world tours offered by some of the major cruise lines), meaning that even if you have an extended weekend of free time, you can probably fit in a quick cruise. Moreover, cruises operate all year, including over the holidays (indeed, there are specific cruise packages for Christmas cruises, New Year’s Eve cruises, etc.), so if you get time off during the holiday season, you could also consider taking a cruise during this time of year.

(2) Cruises allow you to see many parts of the world in a short period of time. By their very nature, cruises are moving vacations. They take you from port to port – that’s what they’re all about. Among other things, this means that cruises afford you the opportunity to explore many different places, often a few countries, in just a week’s time. What’s more, you’ll be exploring the world in comfort, checking out foreign lands, but also having a nice cabin to go back to at night.

(3) Although we mentioned that cost may prevent one from going on a cruise, it is equally true that cruises can be extremely economical. Just check out this article in which we hunt for the cheapest cruise possible. (Teaser: we were able to find cruises that cost under $200!) To be sure, many cruises are very expensive, but there are also tons of extremely good deals on cruises. Check out this article on how to find a cheap cruise if you want more information on this front.

(4) Water covers the majority of the world – don’t you think you should explore it at least once in your traveling career? Most vacations involve visiting land, and this makes sense, considering humans are terrestrial beings. However, the sea is worthy of at least one vacation, and a cruise gives you a perfect way to check out the open sea in a safe, comfortable way. Of course, cruises also involve visits to ports, so you’ll get to visit some location on land, just like a regular vacation, but you’ll also be able to experience the ocean in all its vast glory.

(5) There are tons of fun and entertaining things to do on board a cruise, ranging from physical activities to fine dining. Normally, the traveling segment of a vacation is the undesirable part, but with a cruise, the time spent sailing to different destinations is all part of the fun. Passing through security is replaced with a trip to the on-board movie theater, and time spent in customs can be time spent sipping a cocktail on deck.

There are many more reasons to take a cruise, but hopefully these five will have already convinced you of the desirability of cruising.

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