Cruises Make Getting There Half the Fun

Air travel can be a very expensive and less than rewarding experience for many travelers. As a result, those who have the luxury of time when travelling are more often booking a cruise to travel to their destination rather than being cramped in an airplane after hours of waiting in an airport. And some of the other benefits of travelling by ship will surprise even the thriftiest of travelers.

Comparing Costs

With the ever increasing cost of airfare, travel via a cruise ship is becoming a more thrifty selection. For travelers headed out on a longer vacation of two or even three weeks, eliminating airfare and four or more days at their destination resort can more than cover the cost of a cruise. In addition, with meals and entertainment being included in the cost of the cruise, the fare represents an even greater savings for most travelers.

Don’t Forget Baggage Fees

Baggage fees are another facet of air travel that is adding to the overall cost of your vacation. If you partake in activities such as scuba diving, photography or golf while vacationing, you are certain to be paying hefty fees to get your gear to your destination. And all the while, you are quietly hoping that the gear is in functional condition if and when it arrives. But as you stroll aboard a cruise ship no one is demanding that you limit yourself to a single piece of luggage and a carry on or that you weight each bag you are bringing. It’s not recommended to test the good graces of a cruise line by arriving with an old time steamer trunk as if you are embarking on a transatlantic cruise in full 1800’s style, but multiple pieces of luggage are gladly delivered to your stateroom.

A Smart Snow Bird Trick

One group of travelers who have been hard hit by the increase in baggage fees are the “Snow Birds” who travel to warmer climates for the entire winter season. Cramming several months’ worth of clothing and personal items in a single piece of luggage is all but impossible. But travel savvy seniors have discovered that a cruise to their winter home is a great way to transport all of their necessities and have a great time along the way.

The Adventure

Granted, a long day of flying and airport camping can get you to just about any destination. But that monotonous and stressful day has added nothing of substance to your travel experience. You might glimpse a city or ocean from the window but you are not experiencing anything that you traverse at 10,000 feet. In contrast, picture the two or three days that you will spend on a cruise ship. Imaging taking in the magnificent sun rising and setting over the open sea; picture the opportunities for shore excursions to experience new cultures, meet exciting people and immerse yourself in the local cuisine. None of that is even a thought as you try to sit quietly packed into a less than roomy airline seat.

There is no reason to dread the first and last day of your vacation simply because you are facing the hoards and discomfort of an airport. Instead, plan to spend the first few days of vacation relaxing aboard a luxury cruise ship with a staff who will pamper and spoil you. Then enjoy your destination with a renewed spirit and sense of adventure. And then return to a cruise ship for just a few more days of relaxation and reflection before launching back into your hectic and stressful daily life. Let a cruise provide your transportation and add to the enjoyment of your next vacation.

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