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Cruises Only is a website ( that aggregates different cruise deals, much like sites such as Travelocity aggregate different deals from airlines, hotels, and so on. Although the name implies otherwise, Cruises Only is actually not about cruises only, as you can find offerings that are not related to cruise vacations through the site; for example, you can book car rentals through the site. However, Cruises Only focuses overwhelming on cruises, listing cruise deals, discount cruises, last-minute cruise specials, and similar such things.

Like a lot of deal aggregation sites, Cruises Only is primarily helpful in that it allows you to search for cruise vacations offered by a number of different cruise lines on one site. There is no need to visit each individual cruise line site, which saves a lot of time. The easiest way to look for cruises is to use the site’s search function, which allows you to specify the criteria that you want your cruise vacation to match. You can choose the length of your cruise, your desired destination, the month in which you want to depart, and so on. If you have a lot of flexibility, you can enter “all” for each individual criterion, allowing you to consider a broad range of cruise options. This is an awesome function, as it allows you to keep certain criterion set (like when you want to leave), but allows you to be flexible in other respects, like which cruise line you want to book your cruise through.

Cruises Only also lists several deals on their homepage, some of which are quite excellent and affordable. For example, at this very moment there is a four-night Caribbean cruise available for only $209 (for an interior room). Such deals are always on the homepage. There is also an entire section of the site dedicated to cruise deals (cheap cruises, last-minute cruises specials, honeymoon cruises, etc.), so you can check this area of the site out as well if you are looking for a discounted cruise or a themed cruise (like a Christmas cruise, for instance).

Apart from aggregating tons of cruise offerings, Cruises Only is also a rich source for cruise information. Most notably, there is “Reviews & Ratings” section that lists both customer and expert ratings (ranging from one to six smiley faces for the former and one to six stars for the latter) of the specific cruise ships of over a dozen cruise lines. There are also lots of reviews submitted by cruise passengers, which list what they did and didn’t like about certain cruise ships. Basically, there is a ton of information about any given cruise ship you might sail on, which will help you choose the appropriate cruise vacation. Moreover, there is an “About Cruising” section that has information about all the different aspects of cruising, which those new to cruise vacations may find particularly helpful.

Overall, Cruises Only is a very helpful site, and you might want to consider using it for your next cruise vacation. Check out their website here:

Cruises Only

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