Cruises Provide Travelers with a Taste of an Entire Region

Committing to a week or more visiting a single location can be a bit risky if you have never experienced the region. Accommodations, customs and food might not be at all what you are expecting. But that should never extinguish your desire to experience all that these new places have to offer. Booking a cruise to the area will allow you to take advantage of several attractions and ports of call while still enjoying the luxurious accommodations and conveniences of your cruise ship. And you might just find a hidden jewel that becomes your next vacation destination.

As an example, few tourists in the Caribbean are familiar with Roatan. It is a small island about 40 miles off of the coast of Honduras which measures only slightly over 32 square miles. The largest of the three Bay Islands, this port of call for many cruise lines offers a variety of excursions which allow travelers to experience the charm and the natural beauty which defines the Caribbean. Day trips can be booked aboard the ship for adventures such as swimming with dolphins at a resort near the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) or visiting a charming resort known as Fantasy Island for a day of snorkeling and relaxing on the tranquil private beach. And scuba divers will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable day of diving on the Mesoamerican Reef which is the second largest barrier reef in the world.

For guests who are interested in exploring the culture, cuisine and history of the small island, a bus offers transportation to West Bay. Here travelers can enjoy fresh seafood, browse the handmade artwork and crafts of the islands residents and even see a bit of the jungle from high up on a zip line. And after a day of excitement and exploration, the bus returns travelers to the cruise ship and sails to the next port and opportunity to experience a new culture and locale.

While many travelers think of a cruise as an experience that occurs completely within the confines of the ship, nothing could be further from the truth if you decide to explore the ports of call and take advantage of the day trips that are offered through the cruise line. And what makes this even more attractive to travelers is that the choice is up to each person. You can remain on the ship and continue to enjoy all that your floating city has to offer, or you can strike out on an excursion and get a taste of all that each port has to offer. Some day trips will become fond memories and will provide the backdrop for many stories when you return home. But one trip might just pique your interest enough to become the next destination on your travel itinerary or possibly even your future dream retirement spot.


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