Cruising Can Be More Than Fun In The Sun

When most people think about booking a cruise, they picture hours spent lounging by the pool or dancing the night away. But in addition to these activities, passengers often have the opportunity to partake in some very educational and enriching activities. These are not the classes that you would imagine from your college days when you were spending a quarter collecting water samples or documenting marine life. The range of topics is far more broad and far more interesting to travelers who are not working toward a degree in marine biology.

A Study Of The Heavens
Guests who are interested in the stars, the space program and meeting an astronaut will want to check out the Seabourn Encore’s 18-day cruise in the South Pacific. This cruise explores the Orchid Isles and the Coral Coast as it sails between Indonesia and Sydney. The special guest on the cruise is Scott Kelly, who is an astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station. He will provide insight into life in space while you enjoy the sights and adventures of the South Pacific.

History Abounds
Passengers who are fond of the ancient history of civilization will want to book the Aegean Odyssey as it explores the ports around Greece. The 14-day trip includes stops in Crete, Delos, and Rhodes as well as seminars, discussions, and presentations by antiquities expert Steve Kershaw. Mr. Kershaw’s work includes books on the history of civilization and Plato’s Atlantis. The combination of exotic ports of call and the history of life as we know it makes this cruise a once in a lifetime adventure and educational opportunity.

For Your Inner Marine Biologist
If you have dreamed of a trip through the Drake Passage and then on to Antarctica, then Ponant’s Le Lyrial has a special treat for you. In addition to witnessing this completely unique environment from an intimate ship with less than 250 passengers, there is an added surprise. James B. McClintock, professor of polar and marine biology, will be the guest on this cruise. In addition to sharing his vast knowledge of the region, the professor will lead discussions on climate change and the impact that it is having on the planet. Guests can witness firsthand the impact of climate change on one of the most magnificent and beautiful places on earth.

Many guests book a cruise in an effort to get away from their daily responsibilities and relax. But if you are seeking a little bit of enlightenment to go along with your rest and recreation, then check out the guest speakers and educational opportunities offered by both large and small cruise lines.

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