Crystal Cancels Cruises for the Rest of the Year

It’s official: Crystal Cruises has cancelled all of their cruises for the rest of 2020. The company has been relatively quiet as of late, and we weren’t sure what their plan to get back into action would be. As it turns out, they are just going to lay low for the rest of the year in hopes of being able to return to business when it’s as safe as possible.


While it makes logical sense for Crystal to cancel their cruises amidst the worsening coronavirus pandemic, you might still be wondering what their reasoning is. After all, we’re seeing lots of cruise lines outside of the U.S. start to make voyages again, and many within the U.S. are creating new protocols to travel safely. Explaining their reasoning, Crystal said in a statement: “While we are looking forward to welcoming our valued guests back aboard again as soon as possible, we will not do so until it is deemed safe by governing health authorities.” It seems they are putting health above profits in this situation, which we respect, of course.

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Another aspect that probably is contributing to Crystal cancelling their cruises is the financial side of things. It is very expensive to keep ships in working condition while no one is taking voyages on them, and it likely isn’t worth it for them. A hot lay-up for ships that are as nice and luxurious as the three that make up Crystal’s main fleet is undoubtedly pricey, and betting that they will be able to sail again when the CDC No Sail Order is up is a risky move. The No Sail Order could just be extended, or sailing could be unsafe at that time for other reasons. For them, it likely makes the most financial sense to just perform minimal maintenance and wait until a profitable time comes again.


If you’re affected by these cancellations, the first thing that is popping into your mind is probably going to be whether you get a refund or not. Guests who were fully-paid and booked for a cruise this year can expect a refund of 125% in the form of future cruise credit that they can use to book any cruise with a departure date up until the end of 2023. If you had only made a deposit, you will receive credit based off of the amount deposited.

If you’re looking for a refund, contact your travel agent or go to Crystal’s site over here. We’re looking forward to when Crystal is back at it!

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