Crystal Cruises Announces New Getaways for 2020

Crystal Cruises has announced ten new itineraries in 2020 for their Crystal Getaways trip option. The luxury cruise line that we covered over here is known for a wide array of itineraries, some of which stretch up to 111 days long. Understanding that not everyone out there has that much time to spare, Crystal has Crystal Getaways options that are essentially pared-down versions of their longer trips. The prices stay down to Earth in the $1000 to $2500 range, and the trips themselves last only four to ten days. Although these trips are shorter, they still offer the acclaimed services and dining you expect from Crystal.

While there has been a good number of Getaways offered on Crystal’s site for a while, the newly announced trips look particularly exciting. There are a total of ten voyages across five themes.

First up is dubbed the Haute Caribbean Holiday. One trip starts December 22 and is an eight day trip starting in Miami and stopping in Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Barbados and St. Maarten. There’s also the option of a week long trip starting December 30 and stopping in Tortola, Key West and Miami. After this, there’s the Timeless Treasures and Ancient Cultures trips in 2020. One of these trips starts on March 20 and lasts eight days, and the other starts on March 28 and lasts six nights. These two itineraries feature stops in Sri Lanka, Thailand and more.

Later in 2020 are the Empires of Past and Present itineraries. The first begins April 3 and lasts eight days, heading to Oman, the gulfs of Aqaba and Aden and then finally hitting Jordan. The second starts on April 11 and lasts ten days, stopping in Aqaba, Israel, Cyprus, Crete and Italy. In the summer, there’s the Icons of the Mediterranean, which is a four day trip starting on July 10 or a five day trip starting on July 14. These itineraries include stops in Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Sorrento, Venice, and more, depending on which one you pick.

Finally, there’s Beyond the Acropolis and Aqaba trips. The first of these two begins on October 23 and lasts six days, stopping in Rhodes, Greece, Israel and Aqaba. The second starts up on October 29 and visits Aqaba, Oman and Dubai over the course of ten days, offering a much more in-depth look at the ports.

Crystal Getaways are a great option for those looking to spend a bit less money and time on a cruise with Crystal, and these itineraries stretching into 2020 look like no exception. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the luxury cruise market in 2020, this could be a perfect way to do so!

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