Crystal Cruises Announces New Safety Guidelines for Coronavirus

While it’s still unclear when cruises will be able to sail again, many companies are being proactive and preparing for the future by developing new guidelines that will help guests stay safe while on their ships. Crystal Cruises is the latest cruise line to really focus on this, and they have just released a very well-thought out plan. It goes over almost every aspect of the cruise experience and should inspire a bit of confidence in their guests. Let’s check it out.

Crystal Clean+

The new set of protocols is named Crystal Clean+ (really, what else could they have named it?), and it can be thought of as a group of separate protocols that all add up to an overarching safety infrastructure. Included within Crystal Clean+ are rules that will apply to the following aspects of the Crystal experience: pre-boarding and embarkation, capacity control and social distancing, disinfection protocols, responsive mask policy, food and beverage, air filtration and ventilation, shoreside partners and excursions, crew member standards and practices, medical centers and services, and public health officers. So, yeah, it’s set to change a lot!

The most important rules

With all of the information that Crystal Clean+ brings, it’s best to pick out the stuff that’s most important to keep up with. Perhaps the most obvious change is the fact that ships will have reduced capacity, and this goes for all restaurants and other places onboard as well. In terms of masks, they will be required when social distancing is not possible. Self-service stations in dining halls will not be open, but 24/7 in-room dining will be available in its stead (which is nice). Another big change will be that there will be isolated rooms available in the medical area to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Crystal also notes that their crew will be tested before the ship leaves.

Missing rules

Interestingly, there are a few rules that you might expect that seem absent. Guests do not need to be tested for the coronavirus before entering the ship, and it doesn’t appear that Crystal plans to implement any new air filtration technology like some other cruise lines are looking at. It also does not say specifically what the capacity of the ships will be reduced to.

Despite these details that are missing, the overall protocol seems to be pretty well-thought out and should make guests feel much safer.

Crystal Cruises Announces New Safety Guidelines for Coronavirus
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Crystal Cruises Announces New Safety Guidelines for Coronavirus
Crystal Cruises is the latest cruise line to really focus on their safety plans.

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