Dargal Cruises

Dargal Cruises is not a standalone company or cruise line; rather, cruises are one of the vacation types that are offered through Dargal Interline Worldwide. As their name partially implies, they focus on interline ticketing, which in essence is an employment benefit of working for an airline or other qualifying company. So, if people are searching for a Dargal cruise, they are searching for a discounted cruise that can be booked with the services of Dargal Interline Worldwide. Below we explain Dargal Interline Worldwide (or DIW for short) and the cruises you can book with them.

In working in the travel industry, one is eligible for a wide range of travel-related discounts for things like car rentals and hotel rooms (among many other things). Thus, to book any sort of vacation or service with DIW, you must be an employee of (or retired from) an airline or other qualifying company, but primarily the beneficiaries of interline ticketing work directly for airlines. People who are related to airline employees, like spouses, parents, and dependents, are also eligible for interline discounts, and even friends can benefit from interline deals if they are traveling with an airline employee. DIW can help airline employees book discounted resort stays, car rentals, travel insurance, tours, and, of course, cruises. We are at present only interested in Dargal cruises, so we’ll leave the rest behind.

Booking a cruise through DIW is a lot like booking a cruise through any deal aggregation site (like Travelocity, for instance). You enter in the desired criteria of your trip – length, cruise line, destination, and so on – and then DIW generates a list of possibilities that meets your preferences. DIW has an enormous number of options to choose from, just like any other site for cruise deals. You can choose destinations all other the world, and you can book with over 30 different cruise lines, ranging from the big ones, like Carnival and Royal Caribbean, to the small ones, like Azamara and Silversea. However, the site breaks from standard cruise aggregation sites in that you must be a member to even see the deals offered. You can search for all the cruises you want, but in order to get the rates, you have to log in.

And to be a member, and to be able to log in, you must be an employee of an airline or other qualifying travel-related employer, or related to someone who is.

So, Dargal cruises are just the discounted cruises offered by Dargal Interline Worldwide. The DIA site operates like any other site on which discounted cruises are listed, but the cruises can only be booked by those who qualify for them.

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