Deaf Travel Supercruise 2016

If you’re deaf or hearing impaired, do you find it more enjoyable to travel with a group of other deaf people? Is your experience that traveling with those who have needs similar to yours makes it simpler to communicate, and easier to request special services?

This is the case for many deaf or hearing impaired people, which is why Passages Deaf Travel puts together vacations and cruises that cater to the hard of hearing. In 2016, they are hosting a Supercruise that deaf travelers might want to check out.

Here are the details on Supercruise 2016:

The Ship

Supercruise 2016 will take place on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas, a luxury ocean liner that offers many transformative and inspirational venues. Anthem of the Seas features many innovative attractions that are signature to Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum class of ships, such as the RipCord by iFly (a diving simulator), North Star (a jewel-shaped glass capsule rising 300 feet above sea level), and SeaPlex (the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex on the open ocean).

Anthem of the Seas is a revolutionary vessel that’s exciting, adventurous, and relaxing. It will take you on a spectacular journey to destinations that are so magical you need to see them to truly believe in them.

The Itinerary

Supercruise 2016 will set sail on February 6th, 2016 from Cape Liberty, New Jersey. It will cruise on Super Bowl Sunday (yes, you’ll get to view the big game) en route to Port Canaveral, Florida, and then venture on to Nassau and Coco Cay in the Bahamas. After your tropical voyage to the Bahamas, you’ll cruise for 2 full days toward Cape Liberty and home.


Supercruise 2016 will take you to beautiful locales with like-minded people, folks who share some of the same challenges and aspirations as you do. On your Bahamas cruise together, you can ride bumper cars onboard your ship, have fun in the sun on island paradises, and spend time in the thrilling Atlantis Aquaventure.

Getting a big group of people, or several families, together to go on Supercruise 2016 can be a great idea. Anthem of the Seas offers interconnected staterooms that would be perfect for groups who want to stay together, so you might want to find out more about these. To get more information about Supercruise 2016, all of the details for Ports of Call, dining, activities, and accommodations, contact Passages Deaf Travel. This company also offers other special adventures for deaf travelers.

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