Dining Cruises in Norfolk, Virginia: Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner Cruises

In some ways, it is a slightly strange that Norfolk, Virginia has dining cruises. Only about a quarter of a million people live there, making it rather small in comparison with most of the other cities with dining cruises. Basically, it seems that a dining cruise industry can’t be supported by a city unless that city is fairly massive, and Norfolk definitely isn’t. All the same, there are in fact dining cruises in Norfolk, and these are all offered by the same company, Spirit Cruises. Below we detail Spirit’s offerings in the city, giving you a guide to all the dining cruises available in Norfolk.

If you happen to know something about dining cruises in the United States, or if you’ve been on a dining cruise on the East Coast, there is a good chance you have come into contact with Spirit Cruises before. It’s one of the main providers of dining cruises in the country, and it currently operates in eight different cities, all of which (apart from Chicago) are located on the East Coast. In Norfolk, Spirit Cruises is who you’ll be sailing with, and if you want to take a dining cruise anywhere on the East Coast, in fact, there is a good chance you’ll end up booking with Spirit. And even if you don’t end up taking a Spirit Cruise, you’ll probably still be on a cruise operated by the larger company Entertainment Cruises, which owns Spirit Cruises and few other dining cruise companies. There is therefore a great deal of unity among dining cruises along the East Coast, and thus a cruise in New York or Boston, skylines notwithstanding, will be similar to a cruise in Norfolk.

Commentary about the East Coast dining cruise industry aside, what kind of dining cruises does Spirit Cruises offer in Norfolk? Essentially, there are two main types, as is the case in all of the cities in which Entertainment Cruises operates. First, there are regularly scheduled lunch and dinner cruises, which are offered several times a week, and there is one brunch cruise offered on Sundays as well. This schedule holds for a good portion of the year, but these regular sailings are offered less frequently in the middle of the winter (although we can’t list the exact schedule for the entire coming year because it evidently remains undefined at this point). Spirit also offers a number of specialty cruises. Some of these are linked to regular holidays, which is why there are reliably things like Valentine’s Day cruises in Norfolk, but others are just special events that Spirit has created, like the “Champagne Jazz Brunch Cruise.” Again, these events tend to taper off in the middle of winter, although some specialty cruises are offered even in the dead of winter because this is when some holidays are.

So, there may only be one provider of dining cruises in Norfolk, but it provides plenty of options. There is a lull in the offerings when winter is in full swing, but even then there are cruises available because of holidays. For more information, check out the Spirit Cruises website for Norfolk.

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