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Dining Cruises in Seattle: A Guide

As you might expect of a major city on the coast, there are dining cruises in Seattle. Indeed, there are a great variety of dining cruises – including brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, as well as several themed dinner cruises – and they are offered by three different companies: Waterways Cruises and Events, Argosy Cruises, and Queen of Seattle. As is so often the case, though, these cruises aren’t always easy to find, particularly because the diverse set of offerings are spread across different companies. To help you find a dining cruise in Seattle, we have composed the following guide, which will give you an idea of what cruises are available and how they can be booked.

Waterways Cruises and Events definitely seems to be the main provider of dining cruises in Seattle. During the summer and into the early fall, they offer regularly scheduled brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, and they also consistently offer a “BBQ on the Lake Cruise,” which is in the middle of the afternoon. So, you can basically take a dining cruise with Waterways at any time during the day. In addition to their regular cruises, they also have a few “special event cruises” and “senior lunch cruises,” which are essentially versions of the regular cruises with some theme – a brunch cruise will feature bingo, for example, or a BBQ cruise is offered during the Seafair Airshow, where you can see the Blue Angels fly over the ship. So, there are a lot of different options, and Waterways has a really easy website that lists all their dining cruises. Once you are on this page, you simply click on the dining cruise you are interested in, which will bring you to a page with all the relevant information about the cruise (price, menu, schedule, etc.), as well as a tool to book the cruise directly online.

Argosy Cruises and Queen of Seattle are a little different. Both seem to be primarily sightseeing cruise companies, so their offerings are focused in this direction, and in fact their dining cruises are a bit hard to find. The Queen of Seattle appears to offer only dining cruises for particular theme cruises, like the “1890’s Gold Rush Cruise,” and these cruises don’t appear to run very often. (At present, for example, there are no themed cruises on their events calendar.) When these cruises are offered, though, you can book them on the Queen of Seattle website. Argosy Cruises does regularly offer a cruise that features dinner, at least through the summer and up until about mid-September, but the meal doesn’t actually take place on the ship. Rather, you eat in Tillicum Village on Blake Island, where a buffet is served that features whole salmons baked on cedar stakes over an open fire (the way that Native Americans of the region traditionally cooked salmon). The cooking of the fish is itself a show, but the trip also features a “show of live dance and storytelling in the spirit of the Northwest Coast Indians,” to use Argosy’s exact wording, as part of the cruise. If you are interested in booking this cruise, visit the Argosy Cruises page for Tillicum Village.

If you are looking for a standard dining cruise that features a meal on the waters surrounding Seattle, Waterways Cruises is the natural place to start, and at least one their cruises will likely appeal to you. However, Queen of Seattle may occasionally offer a dining cruise with a theme of particular interest, and Argosy Cruises trip to Blake Island is a cool opportunity in its own right, even if it isn’t a traditional meal on the water. Between these three possibilities, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Dining Cruises in Seattle: A Guide
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Dining Cruises in Seattle: A Guide
There are a great variety of dining cruises in Seattle, including brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, as well as several themed dinner cruises.

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