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Discover the Perks of a Repositioning Cruise

Did you ever wonder what happens to the cruise ships that sail around Alaska in the summertime when winter rolls around? If you checked into that question, you would have learned about a somewhat unknown event called a repositioning cruise. This is how cruise lines move a ship to a new home port without the huge expense of sailing with an empty boat. The repositioning can be due to a routine seasonal change, the ship going to a new home port or even the ship traveling to a new port for a retrofit or service. But the result is a unique opportunity for passengers as well as a reduced fare.

A Unique Voyage

If you are looking for a way to try something other than the typical Caribbean cruise, then check out the ships that are repositioning from Europe to the Caribbean or the United States. Another regular repositioning destination is Alaska as those ships only tour during the summer and then in the winter they set sail for Hawaii, California or even the Caribbean. In some cases, the voyage will last for several weeks and can result in longer periods of time at sea between ports. But during that time at sea, passengers can enjoy all of the features and the amenities of the ship including the spa, movies, shows, athletic facilities and the fabulous dining.

Being an Off Season Tourist

Booking a repositioning cruise can be very similar to booking a trip to a resort in the off season. Rarely are the repositioning cruises full as many people can’t spend several weeks at sea. So those who are enjoying the more leisurely pace of the long haul get more personal service, there is far less waiting in line for activities and there are no crowds to contend with in popular parts of the ship like at the pool and in the dining room.

Check Out the High Seas

Because a big draw for most cruise tourists is getting the opportunity to visit exotic ports of call, cruise ships rarely venture too far from land. So getting to experience the vastness of the open seas is not always a part of the average cruise. But repositioning cruises almost always require a long stint on the open sea. So if that taste of life on ocean is what you desire, then a repositioning cruise is tailor made for you.

Experiencing a unique voyage at an affordable cost is only the beginning of the benefits of taking a cruise that is scheduled to relocate a ship. The relaxed atmosphere and no crowded decks or dining rooms are certain to increase your enjoyment of the cruise as you take in the new and exciting sites. And with the greatly reduced cabin prices, you might even find that a room with a view or even a private balcony is right within your budget. Two cruise lines that make finding their repositioning cruises easy are Royal Caribbean and Norwegian.


Discover the Perks of a Repositioning Cruise
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Discover the Perks of a Repositioning Cruise
A repositioning cruise offers discounted pricing and is how cruise lines move a ship to a new home port without the huge expense of sailing with an empty boat.

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