Discovery at Sea Cruises and Encounters with Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises hosts a handful of Discovery at Sea voyages throughout the year, including the Stargazing cruise that we mentioned in our last post. One of the most thrilling things about these types of adventures at sea is that they give passengers opportunities to become immersed in science – with many hands-on activities – not simply hear talks about it that might leave one bored.

Of course, on a Princess Cruises Discovery at Sea cruise, there are fantastic lectures to enjoy. But, these discussions and panels are supplemented by real discovery – such as guided tours of the night sky, on-board classes with experts in many scientific fields, and shore excursions that focus on a specific scientific field or theory.

The Discovery at Sea Cruises Encounters

As cruisers go from port to port on Discovery at Sea cruises with Princess Cruises, they get to explore destinations in depth – gaining a deeper understanding of the culture, terrain, people, space, and history of the area. In partnership with Discovery Communications, Discovery at Sea cruises are enriching journeys that let guests speak with naturalists, dive into their interests, and gain fresh insight into what makes the world how it is.

Learn with Experts

Discovery at Sea Cruises let passengers see the world through the eyes of experts who are trained in science. With these professionals – and passionate people – at cruisers sides, they’re able to learn inside stories in the cities they visit and have the advantage of journeying with a traveler who is well experienced in that particular part of the globe.

Take a cruise and take a look – with your guides – at the local cuisine, the top tourists sights, and the small details of a town that you might not notice if traveling on your own. Use the cruise’s experts as a pair of glasses or binoculars that can help you understand what you’re seeing more clearly.

To learn about the different Discovery at Sea cruises that you can go on, visit the Princess Cruises website.

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