Disney Cruise Line and the Disney Cruise Ships

The Disney Cruise Line is an American cruise line owned by The Walt Disney Company. More specifically, it is owned by a division of Disney known as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The Disney Cruise Line was created in 1995.

Relative to the major the cruise lines like Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean International, the Disney Cruise Line has relatively few ships. The fleet is currently composed of three ships, although a future ship, named Disney Fantasy, is scheduled to make its maiden voyage in March 2012.

The three ships of the Disney Cruise line are Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, and Disney Dream. The first two ships are the same size and entered service at the end of the 1990’s, and the last ship is significantly larger and just took its maiden voyage in January, 2011.

Disney Magic is 964 feet long and has a gross tonnage of 83,000. It can accommodate 2,700 passengers comfortably and has a crew of 950 people. Disney Magic is used for a variety of cruise itineraries, ranging from a two-night New York getaway to a fourteen-night transatlantic cruise.

Disney Wonder has the exact same measurements and capacities as Disney Magic. Disney Wonder sails primarily to different parts of the Americas and is used for voyages that can take anywhere from three to tens days. There is, for example, a three-night Bohemian voyage, as well as a ten-night Mexican Rivera cruise.

Disney Dream is 1,115 feet long and weighs 130,000 tons. It has a passenger capacity of 4,000 passengers and 1,458 crew members. Disney Dream is more limited in the voyages it takes. Currently, it offers only three, four, and five-night cruises, and they all go to the Bahamas.

The Disney Cruise Line’s future ship, Disney Fantasy, will have the same measurements and capacities as Disney Dream upon its completion next year.

Disney Cruises are known for their orientation towards vacationing families, with the cruise line offering activities and services that appeal to all age groups. Some of the notable services include a rotational dining arrangement, which allows guests to try three different restaurants, but with the same servers following guests from place to place, as well as firework displays at sea (weather permitting).

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