Disney’s Star Wars Cruises are Returning in 2021

If you’re a fan of Star Wars on the seven seas, we have some news for you! In 2021, Disney Cruise Line is planning to continue their tradition of Star Wars-themed cruises. The event is titled Star Wars Day at Sea, and has been a Disney tradition since 2016. While there is already a day lined up for the event this year, it was unsure whether it would be returning in 2021. Thankfully for anyone who’s ever wanted to meet Darth Vader on a boat, it will be.

For those interested, the day-long events will take place on select 7-night cruises that sail the Caribbean from Cape Canaveral. No, the entire cruise isn’t themed around the sci-fi franchise, but a full day is still pretty good. Next year, there are nine planned voyages that will feature the day. Five of them will chart across the West Caribbean and port at Cozumel, Jamaica, Disney’s private island, and more. Three other itineraries will travel the East Caribbean and go to Tortola, St. Thomas and Castaway Cay. There is also one additional ship that will take the same path, but will stop at St. Maarten rather than Tortola. All of the trips will go on between January and March, so start planning now!

Okay, that’s the boring stuff. Now, here’s what you really want to read: all the crazy themed activities! If you have a kid who loves Star Wars, you’re definitely going to want to send them to the Jedi training program that’s available. There will also be a ton of characters to meet and interact with. For the big names like Vader, Chewbacca and R2-D2, you’ll need to reserve a time to see them and take photos. Smaller characters like Boba Fett will be ready to go at all times, however, and you’ll just have to find them as you explore the ship.

That may be more exciting for the kids (who are we kidding, we’d love a selfie with R2), but there’s plenty to do for the adults. There will be a nighttime show that enacts some of the most exciting Star Wars moments, a fireworks display to John William’s soundtrack, costume celebrations, movie marathons, trivia sessions…. Needless to say, if Star Wars is your jam, you need to be on one of these cruises.

We love the idea of these cruises that are themed around huge franchises. There are plenty of fandom conventions out there, why not have similar experiences at sea? If you’re interested in the experience, check it out at Disney’s website.

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