Don’t Miss These Great Shore Excursion When Cruising to Aruba

As one of the most beautiful and inviting islands in the Caribbean, it is easy to understand why guests think that going to the beach in Aruba is the only thing to do during a short excursion. But that is far from the truth as Aruba offers many amazing natural wonders.
Arikok National Park lies on the northeast coast of Aruba and covers over 7,900 acres which is roughly 20% of Aruba. The park offers a wide variety of vegetation and terrain for guests to explore. Hiking is a great way to see a small portion of the park or for a wider view jump on an ATV or in a 4WD and set out to explore the entire park. And don’t miss the Gaudikiriri Caves which descend over 100 feet into the cliffs.
Animal lovers will enjoy a trip to the donkey sanctuary which has been open since 1997. Currently, there are over 100 donkeys that have been raised from just the 20 original inhabitants. There is no charge to visit the sanctuary but donations are accepted and the donkeys will gladly accept carrots or apples from visitors.
Diving and snorkeling are also great experiences to enjoy while visiting Aruba. The Antilla is the second largest wreck in the Caribbean. It is a German freighter that sank in April of 1940. It sits at about 60 feet deep and is located off the Malmok Bay near the western coast of Aruba. Snorkelers flock to Baby Beach as the water is very calm and clear.
Of course, the beaches in Aruba are wonderful and Eagle Beach is the largest beach on the island. It is known for its soft white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. Eagle Beach is a beach bum’s paradise while Palm Beach is lined with amazing resorts and is definitely the place to go to people watch and enjoy the amenities. In addition, the Butterfly Farm is located just a few minutes from Palm Beach. Guides will teach guests about the life cycle of the butterfly and point out the many varieties that live at the farm.
When enjoying a Caribbean cruise that stops in Aruba, be sure to take advantage of all that this island has to offer. Not only are there many great areas to explore but there is also a wonderful variety of cuisine thanks to the Dutch, Caribbean, Spanish and Portuguese heritage.
Don’t Miss These Great Shore Excursion When Cruising to Aruba
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Don’t Miss These Great Shore Excursion When Cruising to Aruba
Aruba offers many amazing natural wonders, activities and adventures to take advantage of during your shore excursion when cruising in the Caribbean.

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