Elite Private Yachts: Personalized Dining Cruises

Elite Private Yachts is one of the several dining cruise companies owned by Entertainment Cruises. However, as their name implies, Elite Private Yachts primarily offers private dining cruises, not brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises that are open to the public, which is what most of the Entertainment Cruises companies focus on. (Elite Private Yachts does occasionally offer specialty dining cruises that can be booked by anyone, but these are rare.) We have compiled the following guide to Elite Private Yachts for anyone interested in chartering a ship in Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, the six cities in which the company operates.

Each of these cities has one Elite Private Yacht in operation with the exception of Washington DC, which has two (Capital Elite and National Elite). New York and New Jersey in a sense also have two ships – Atlantica and the Manhattan Elite – because the vessels serve both cities (you can be picked up and dropped off at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan or at Lincoln Harbor Marina in New Jersey with either ship), but since Atlantica and the Manhattan Elite are spread between the two cities, there is basically only one ship per city. This means that if you want to book one of the yachts, you should probably do so fairly far in advance, as the schedule of a single ship can fill up fairly quickly. The other companies owned by Entertainment Cruises – Spirit Cruises, Odyssey Cruises, and so on – will also charter their ships for private events, but in some cases these ships are larger, so in addition to potentially costing more, they won’t be suitable for certain kinds of smaller events.

And speaking of events, what exactly can you do on an Elite Private Yacht? Basically, anything you want, although the company is obviously better suited for some events than others. For instance, the yachts are equipped to make meals, so a good number of private events center on brunch, lunch, or dinner, although there are also shorter packages that don’t include a meal, and instead focus only on drinks and potentially appetizers. Although we said that Elite Private Yachts is better for smaller parties than other Entertainment Cruises companies, their ships are still quite large, and can hold dozens of people. Thus, the events that take place on these ships tend to be fairly major life events, like weddings, or else they are used for corporate gatherings and parties. In other words, you probably wouldn’t rent one of these yachts for a Saturday night party with friends or something like that – the private sailings take a lot of planning, and they are also fairly expensive (a cruise that is just few hours long can costs thousands of dollars). If you want to go out on the water to enjoy a meal or drinks with a few friends or family, it is better to just book individual tickets for regularly scheduled cruises with a company like Spirit, Odyssey, or whatever outfit is in your city. (Again, Elite Private Yachts does periodically offer these cruises, but not in every city in which they operate, and they are infrequent.)

So, Elite Private Yachts might be a company you want to work with, but probably only if you are planning a party for a major life milestone or a corporate event. To learn more information, check out the Elite Private Yachts website.

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