Experience France on a River Cruise

All of France’s waterways lead to lush and fertile farmlands, where vineyards and other sources of bounty shape the nation’s revered cuisine. France’s Rhône and Seine gave birth to the celebrated cultures of Provence and Paris, wherein artists have long found inspiration in the leisurely rivers. Bordeaux’s viniculture relies on France’s river water. Lovers experience romance along these passageways that are perfect for exploring via a river cruise.

France’s location in Western Europe makes it a popular tourist destination. Stretching from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rhine, the country offers easy access to Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and more. Italy, Andorra, Spain and Monaco sit within easy reach of traveler in France.

While there is much to admire in France, the highlights of a trip to the country are the glorious rivers. The Rhône, Rhine, Saône and Seine shape France’s diverse, yet beautifully harmonious, regions.

Tourists visiting France via a cruise on one of these rivers have many opportunities to discover relaxation, world history and a wonderful language. There are abundant chances to experience spectacular dining, art and shopping.

The viticulture regions of Burgundy and Normandy are readily available for exploration on a river cruise through France. These two areas offer a splendid combination of wine and scenery that quickly becomes a favorite travel experience.

Enjoy a cruise of a lifetime in beautiful and fertile France.

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